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Dylan  M. Kelk

Dylan M. Kelk

Unknown - Confirmed: Mar. 26, 2013 (Awaiting Update)
Age: 30 (estimated)

pianist/composer from Victoria BC
Instruments: Piano/Keyboards, Vocals, voice details

Contact Details

Dylan Kelk

I'm a pianist who plays around a Grade 9/10 level. Trumpet was my main thing for a while - I even went to university to get my degree in it - but after two years I dropped out as I didn't feel that I wanted to take the music-through-university route. I have more of a feel for jazz and classical than anything else as that's what I know best, but I like anything that sounds goods to my ears - limiting oneself to certain genres is absurd as music is constantly evolving and there's something good to be heard in every kind of music. I'm ALSO a composer. While I'm happy to compose in any genre depending on what's currently inspiring me/ who I'm working with, I've definitely composed more classical and movie theme/video game music than anything else. My voice is largely untrained but good enough, and I'd absolutely love to sing back up vocals or even main vocals at a concert sometime. I have an excellent sense of pitch (absolute pitch, actually) so if I'm jamming with you I'll be able to start accompanying what you're doing very quickly. What I'd like to do most right now is to play piano in band (preferably a jazz or rock band), compose something for you/help you compose something (especially if it's for a movie/computer game), or working with other types of artists like actors or filmmakers. As a musician, I care much more about improvisation, creation and playing expressively than I do about being a brilliant player who can play faster, harder and better than anyone else. My knowledge of theory is quite sound as I've been playing and studying music for years. Read "More about Me" if you want to know a bit more.


More about me: As I said, trumpet used to be my main thing - I played it in jazz, concert, combo jazz, pit bands all through high school. I also played in two ska bands for fun. While studying music at UVIC I played in combos, jazz bands, wind symphony and orchestra. Soon after I dropped out of music it hit me that I've always loved piano just as much as trumpet and that there was no reason why I shouldn't get just as good at it as I was/am at trumpet. I'm still working on it, but I'm definitely a hell of a lot closer than I when I started. Since I started to take piano seriously after dropping out, I've played at a restaurant and worked as an accompanist, done some busking, and created some arrangements of video game music that I have up on Youtube. I'm also working on becoming vastly better at singing and playing piano at the same time - partially because it's an ideal way to enhance musical coordination but mostly because it's just so much fun to do! I definitely want to pick up trumpet sometime in the future as me and my horn certainly have unfinished business, but it might take a while as I waited a LONG time to get braces (I was born in 1986) and will I have them on they'll obviously make it harder to play.

I like to transcribe stuff in my spare time, and MIGHT be willing to take requests from people depending on how busy I am, how interested I am, and how hard it is to find the sheet music online or elsewhere. I've composed two scores for two short films. At this point, I have much, much more experience writing instrumental music than I do vocal stuff, but I'm working on changing that.

Audio Samples

The Girl Who Could Not Smile
Nemesis (Reprise)
The Journey Begins
Tale of the Absent-Minded Chef
Sub-level 13
Underwater Lab Allegiance
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Listing last updated/confirmed Mar. 26, 2013