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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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Amelia Curran - I Am The Night
In this Video Artist(s) Amelia Curran
Posted: Feb. 16, 2015
Farkin Jazz Conspiracy - Mambo Swing
In this Video Artist(s) A Farkin Jazz Conspiracy
Posted: Jan. 19, 2016
It's Rainin' Baby
In this Video Artist(s) SandyBone & The BreakDown Resource(s): Railway Club
Posted: Jul. 6, 2017
Amos Lee - Street Corner Preacher (Live from Bonnaroo 2011)
In this Video Artist(s) Amos Lee Resource(s): Bonnaroo
Posted: Apr. 22, 2014
In this Video Artist(s) Lust Life Jazz Band, Paul Wainwright, Ryan Tandy Resource(s): Lust Life Jazz Band, The Bengal Lounge, Empress Hotel
Posted: Feb. 24, 2015
Shameless Live at The Cambie
In this Video Artist(s) Shameless Resource(s): The Cambie at the Esquimalt Inn
Posted: May. 11, 2015
Planet Rings
In this Video Artist(s) Interstellar Drift Ambient Guitar
Posted: Dec. 2, 2016
Ed Peekeekoot "Wildwood Flower"
In this Video Artist(s) Ed Peekeekoot
Posted: Jun. 16, 2017
The Motifs at the Crystal Gardens
Posted: Dec. 24, 2015 via
Filmed: Jul. 2, 2004
XFRI 3:16 "Insider Trading" - September 10th, 2007
In this Video Resource(s): Steamers Pub
Posted: Jul. 18, 2016
Filmed: Sep. 10, 2007
Boomshack at Lucky Bar: It's A Spell
In this Video Artist(s) Boomshack
Posted: May. 24, 2016
Story #4 : Zenyi Hunsbeger - an extraordinary Story
In this Video Artist(s) Aubrey Burke Resource(s): The Ministry of Casual Living
Posted: Dec. 10, 2015
Filmed: Sep. 9, 2014
Yogoman Burning Band "Dragon Bus"
In this Video Artist(s) YOGOMAN
Posted: May. 9, 2016
Victoria Music Hall Of Fame Social 2008
In this Video Artist(s) Cruel Shoes Rock N' Blues Band, Ernie Niederer, Tom Leddy, Stu Ruff, Dave Cornock
Posted: Dec. 21, 2015 via
Filmed: Apr. 5, 2008
Holy Smoke Boxing Day Reunion Sunset Cabaret
In this Video Resource(s): Sunset Cabaret
Posted: Dec. 23, 2015 via
Filmed: Dec. 26, 1983
Bill Sample Trio with Rene Worst & Buff Allen #1
In this Video Artist(s) Bill Sample
Posted: Mar. 21, 2016
Filmed: Aug. 9, 2015
Jack Bride at Ministry of Casual Living
In this Video Artist(s) Jack Bride Resource(s): The Ministry of Casual Living
Posted: Nov. 27, 2015