This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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Brooke Turner Convince Me
In this Video Artist(s) Brooke Turner
Posted: Jan. 22, 2015
When I Get Through With You
Posted: Jul. 28, 2015
Filmed: Jul. 25, 2015
"Hisa Wali Lan" by Kocassale Dioubate with Kunda Culture
In this Video Artist(s) Kunda African Culture Music & Dance, Kocassale Dioubate Resource(s): Heritage Theatre Playhouse
Posted: Nov. 17, 2014
Cheap Trick 'Surrender' Live 2010 Austin
In this Video Artist(s) Cheap Trick
Posted: Nov. 28, 2013
ANY WAY YOU WANT IT (A Cover by 'Tempest')
Posted: Feb. 17, 2016 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1981
Blue Sky Reunion July 23, 2014 She Walks Right In
In this Video Artist(s) Blue Sky
Posted: Nov. 24, 2016
Filmed: Jul. 23, 2014
Boxing Day Sale
In this Video Resource(s): A & B Sound
Posted: Jul. 20, 2016
Pride Tiger 24hrspodcast Interview
In this Video Artist(s) Pride Tiger
Posted: Jul. 1, 2014
Make it Beautiful, Tomo Vranjes, © June 2013
In this Video Artist(s) Tomo Vranjes
Posted: Mar. 25, 2015
Next To Me
In this Video Artist(s) The Remedials
Posted: Aug. 19, 2015
Thomas Leeb "No Alibis" Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
In this Video Artist(s) Thomas Leeb
Posted: Sep. 16, 2014
Meg Tilly Takes to the Stage in Victoria
In this Video Resource(s): Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, A News Vancouver Island
Posted: Mar. 23, 2016
Filmed: Jul. 5, 2011
The Glitter Dome trailer (Betamax, Thorn EMI Video)
In this Video Resource(s): New York New York
Posted: Apr. 27, 2016
In this Video Artist(s) Darren Davidson
Posted: Dec. 5, 2016
In this Video Artist(s) Lust Life Jazz Band, Steve Grebanier, Paul Wainwright, Ryan Tandy Resource(s): Lust Life Jazz Band, The Bengal Lounge, Empress Hotel
Posted: Feb. 24, 2015
The making of Sole Power performance series
In this Video Artist(s) Jon Dowdall and Christine White Resource(s): The Ministry of Casual Living, PedalBox Gallery
Posted: Dec. 10, 2015
Filmed: Mar. 1, 2015
Jeffrey Wynne at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective
In this Video Artist(s) Jeffrey Wynne Resource(s): the fifty fifty arts collective
Posted: Jan. 21, 2016