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Name Capacity Event Frequency Type Stage SoundSpecs
Vinyl EnvyRegularlyIrregular Venue?? full specs
Britannia Legion #7175OccasionallyIrregular VenuenoYes full specs
Maritime Museum of BC100UnknownMulti-Purpose / Hallnono full specs
The Surly Mermaid RestaurantUnknownRestaurant?? full specs
Hilltop House Concerts50OccasionallyIrregular VenueYesYes full specs
Ocean Wilderness Inn30OccasionallyIrregular Venuenono full specs
Little Shop of StrangeUnknownArt Gallery?? full specs
The Upstairs Cabaret280UnknownBar / NightclubYesYes full specs
Dave Dunnet Community Theatre (Oak Bay High School)440RegularlyTheatreYesno full specs
The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill 0UnknownMulti-Purpose / HallnoYes full specs
Copper Owl120FrequentlyBar / NightclubnoYes full specs
Sunset Labs100FrequentlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesYes full specs
The Monkey Tree Pub100UnknownPub?? full specs
Fisgard St Forum110UnknownIrregular Venueno? full specs
Ocean Island Lounge50FrequentlyCafenoYes full specs
Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula40FrequentlyIrregular Venuenono full specs
Vic Theatre213FrequentlyTheatreYesYes full specs
Fernwood (NRG) Community Centre167UnknownMulti-Purpose / Hallno? full specs
White Eagle Polish Hall220RegularlyMulti-Purpose / HallYesno full specs
Winchester Galleries 60RegularlyIrregular Venue?? full specs