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Artist NameSong Name
Current SwellChestermans Valley
Moving PicturesWorking Man /res/icon/light2011//download.png
The MarquisTake It Easy Baby 1967
S.K.ARight Now In This Moment
Jesse LeBourdaisFool Of Myself
Curtis Cowan & FlyerOnce More It's Christmas
Peter Bjorn and JohnNothing to Worry About
Café con LecheCandil de Nieve
Swing Street BandIt's Only a Paper Moon live
Strings of Note4. O'Barquino
Swing Street BandSomewhere Over The Rainbow live
Georgina NicollAt the End of the Night
Mike Lefebvre + George Perczell DuoJoss
Swing Street BandClose To You Live
Melody DanteDrowned
Kuba OmsAll In All
Linda McGarveyComing Home to My Body
Calling All CaptainsRoyals (Cover)