Bands Seeking Musicians

Bands are listed so that the bands that have updated their status most recently are at the top.

Recently Confirmed Artists

    Redwood (Classic Rock 60s - 80s)
    THIS DAY BURNS (acoustic / rock / metal)
    The Taylor Caspersen Project (Blues, Classic Rock, and Folk)
    Ladies Thirst (Alternative Rock)
    Soviet Fox (Hard Rock and 80's metal)
    Impromptu (jazz trio - cool, smooth, and swinging)
    Vemödalen (Blackened Death metal)
    Winters Reach (Symphonic Fantasy Black Metal)
    Skanky Crackdown (Ska)
    17 Queens (Punk)

Artists Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

    Led Balloon
    Automatic Planet (Rock/Modern Rock/Alternative)
    L.I.D. (party til you get your puke on punk)
    Moodswings Orchestra (Swing music from the 20s-50s)
    Dark Fury (Thrash Metal or Hard Rock)
    Jym & Ben (acoustic indie punk rock)