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Wesley Crusher

from Victoria BC
Broken Up - Confirmed: Dec. 11, 2013 (Archived)
Beverly Crusher, he was a bright young man who was almost too intelligent for his own good. He first arrived on the USS Enterprise-D with his mother right after Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumed command. Picard realized that he understood many things beyond his age and appointed him as acting ensign. He matured over the years and eventually entered Starfleet Academy. The first time he took the Academy entrance exam, however, he did not achieve the highest score out of the members of the group with whom he tested, and as a result, stayed on the Enterprise instead of proceeding to the Academy.

was not to be his destiny. While flying as part of the Academy's elite Nova Squadron, he participated in a forbidden maneuver in which a fellow student was killed. Because of this and the way the members of the squadron tried to cover up the accident, Starfleet reprimanded him and decided to make him repeat the year as punishment. He became restless and bored with his studies. Wesley also had problems with how Starfleet was trying to force a colony of Native Americans from their homes. During this time he became familiar with the culture of the Native Americans, and participated in a vision quest. He then saw a vision from his father telling him not to follow his father's path. When Wesley emerged to find the Enterprise crew preparing to beam the colonists away from their home, he warned the colonists of what was about to happen, and the crew was forced to leave. A very angry Picard reprimanded Wesley; he responded by resigning from Starfleet.

Wesley joined the colonists on the surface. When a fight broke out between colonists and Cardassians surveying the planet, Wesley tried to stop the fight, and discovered he had the ability to stop time. The Traveler then revealed himself to Wesley, explaining that Wesley had actually transcended space and time. Wesley left with the Traveler to explore his true potential
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Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Dec. 11, 2013