"Hisa Wali Lan" by Kocassale Dioubate with Kunda Culture

Kocassale Dioubate and Kunda African Culture Music & Dance perform his song "Hisa Wali Lan" at the Heritage Theatre Playhouse in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast BC in July of 2012 as part of the theatre's annual SOPA (Showcase of Performing Arts) event.
Kocassale Dioubate - balafon & lead vocals
Sasha Belle - gourd
Mohamed Andre Duranteau - doundouns & vocals
Kurai Mubaiwa - oshos

For more info / inquiries / bookings please check : www.kundaculture.com
Relevance: Local Artists
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In this Video Artist(s) Kunda African Culture Music & Dance, Kocassale Dioubate Resource(s): Heritage Theatre Playhouse
Posted: Nov. 17, 2014
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