Thomas Leeb - Trickster - Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

CGEbGGD tuning
song download and tablature available here:

This one is a LOT of fun to play, but definitely gave me headaches during the writing process. The thing never never did what I wanted it to, always had a mind of its own and resulted in more rewritten and thrown-away material than the last couple of ALBUMS combined. I couldn't really call it "pain in the butt", so I settled for "Trickster"... and hope you like it!

audio recording, using a Zoom H4n: Thomas Leeb
audio mix+master: Ben Milstein

guitar: Lowden Leeb Signature model
strings: Wyres Leeb Signature Strings .013 - .058
internal pickups: Dazzo 100 sbt, Mimesis Kudos mag, DPA 4061BM mic
cables: Evidence Audio 'Forte'
FX: Boss OC-3

Filmed at the California Institute of the Arts
by Jeremiah Dockray and Erica Larsen-Dockray
Cinematographer: Jonathan Michael Mahoney
Editor: Jeremiah Dockray
Production Assistant: Taylor Scroggins
Special Thanks to Gordon Kurowski and Alexi Gehring
Relevance: Past Performers
In this Video Artist(s) Thomas Leeb
Posted: Sep. 16, 2014