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Punk Ska Raggae Metal Rock Altenative Anything from Victoria BC
Broken Up - Confirmed: Feb. 25, 2014 (Archived)
A long time ago in the far away frozen land of Siberia, a boy was wondering though the vast snow covered plains. All of a sudden out of the blinding snow storm emerged a figure. This figure spoke to the boy. It said "Do you know where i can score a cheep Russian hooker?". At that same moment 6000 kilometers away in Victoria BC, Canada three youths joined forces to form one of the most awsomest bands ever. They called their trio of rock A.M.P. But then some pig-rapers out of Seattle got signed with the same name and to avoid all that legal shit, the boys decided to rename their group Untitled. Rocking the six-string was a guy by the name of Devon "Please touch my penis" DeLarge. Pounding out the beats on the kit was Mr. Nick "You better not drop the soap near me" Tassell. Providing the smooth bass line was Jordan "I get hot when watching dogs fuck in the park" Andrews. If you have read this far without thinking "holy fuck, these guys are so gay and their band probally sucks donkey dong" then you're either retarded or someone in the band.
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Last Lineup

N-TizzleDrums / Kazoo / Theramin / 2006-The End
Bass PlayerBass / Ridiculousness2008-The End
Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Feb. 25, 2014