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Event Archive - Mechanical Seperation's Final Show! Snapel Grock's Final Show! Mitochondrion Return Show!: Meat of Mankind, Mechanical Separation, Mitochondrion, Joey Only, snapelgrock, No Holding Back

Fri. April 21st 2006 - Fri. April 21st 2006 Jamaican Jerk House (All Ages)
9:15pm - whenever were done doors at 9pm
$5 with food/$6 w/o
Presented by: Noise Not Bombs
Lisenced All Ages!!!
Get a dollar off at the door with a non perishable food donation.

This is the final show for Mechanical Separation and Snapel Grock before Tisdale moves away. Come see off these amazing bands and show your suport for your scene.

Joey Only will also be playing a second show with a whole new line up on Saturday April 22 Earth Day including Guy Surley. More info about this show will be anounced soon. It will also be all ages and lisenced as well as at the Jerk House!

See You There!

Anyone with merch to sell or zines, or any bands wanting to play contact me on my myspace for Noise Not Bombs.
For more info contact me at:


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Meat of Mankind (Grind/Punk/Sludge/Groove/Metal)

Formed in the last month of 2003, Meat of Mankind was... Woody (Mass Grave) - Bass/Vocals, Jay (Neck Beerd) - Guitar/Vocals, Braden (Neck Beerd) - Drums/Vocals... Meat of Mankind is... Jay - Guitar/Vocals Braden - Drums/Vocals Ruddy - Bass/Vocals Dave- Guitar/Vocals more info

Mechanical Separation (grindcore)

Mechanical Separation began in 2003 as a three piece grind band from Saskatoon, Sk with Tizdale(drums), Stevil(guitar), and Chad(vox). Shortly after, Sarah joined the band on bass and Cody replaced Chad. In 2004, Mechanical Separtion accompanied Vancouver's Neckbeerd and locals, Suckcess, on their Coast to Coast with no cash tour across Canada. We ... more info

Mitochondrion (Black/Death)

"Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris" (It is a comfort to the wretched to have had companions in misfortune) more info

Joey Only (outlaw folk)

Georgia Straight 2005 There’s no shortage of hipster-approved hot spots on Main Street, so it says something about Joey Only that he chooses Duffin’s Donuts as a meeting place. When the Georgia Straight sits down with the ex–squeegee kid turned anti-folksinger, there’s not a white-belted scenester to be found. At the tables out front, 40... more info

snapelgrock (Space Fucking Asstrounaughty Grind)

After jesus was eaten by the pig, who he turned crazy, nothing was left for some small town boys who were so use to being raped in the mouth by catholic priests dogs. Until one day the knot of the dogs cock became stuck inside the little boys throat. And today god said we have Snapelgrock. more info