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Event Archive - Belphegor, Cryptopsy, Hate, Kafirun

Tue. November 28th 2017 - Tue. November 28th 2017 Rickshaw Theatre Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Presented by: The Invisible Orange

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Music: Punk / Metal / Hardcore
Belphegor / Cryptopsy / Hate / Kafirun | NOV 28 @ The Rickshaw


With Guests

Cryptopsy, Hate and Kafirun

Death is upon us - Belphegor unleashes their bone crushing live performance in support of their album TOTENRITUAL. The addition of Cryptopsy, Hate and Kafirun promises complete desecration for any of those brave enough to walk through the gates of hell when they open on November 28th at the Rickshaw. Embrace the evil that welcomes you as you will never enter this realm the same again.

Tuesday, November 28 2017
The Rickshaw, 254 East Hastings, Vancouver
Doors 7PM
No minors


BELPHEGOR The dark days of autumn and winter are approaching as European troop BELPHEGOR plant another signpost to Hell upon the Earth's surface. One of the most consistently extreme bands on the Death/Black scene crest their throne built of bones once again to uncompromisingly attack humanity, three years after their 2014 demonstration of brutality, »CONJURING THE DEAD«. »TOTENRITUAL« consists of nine compositions which, blow-by-blow, silence any doubts about the supremacy of these icons of the European scene. Merciless riff force, crunchy blasts in a dark setting – 24 years after their foundation, BELPHEGOR’s inventive creativity places them head and shoulders above the rest. Anyone looking for silence, beautiful melodies and a life-affirming aura will suffocate under the power of »TOTENRITUAL.«

CRYPTOPSY is an influential extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For over 20 years, they have sculpted and pushed the boundaries of their metal genre by releasing seven studio albums (Blasphemy Made Flesh, None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You’ll Beg, Once Was Not, The Unspoken King and CRYPTOPSY), a live album (None So Live), a best of (The Best of Us Bleed) and an EP (Ungentle Exhumation). After being on a record label for their entire career, Cryptopsy decided to go independent in 2012. Supported by their fans, Cryptopsy distributed and sold thousands of albums across the globe and had the opportunity to tour Japan, Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, South America, Scandinavia and Canada.

HATE has always meant the essence of extreme and unholy metal, and as such, had tremendous influence over forming Polish metal scene in the nineties and nillies. Established in 1990 in Warsaw by a guitarist and vocalist Atf Sinner, the band has quickly become one of the leading acts in the Polish underground. HATE's music was always elaborate death metal with lyrics concentrating on apocalyptic themes, spiritual mysticism and dark part of Self, showing distinct anti-Christian attitude. In 1992 the first demo "Abhorrence" was released by a small underground label Hate Productions. After numerous line-up changes and releasing a series of records available solely in their native Poland, the group inked their first international record deal with an American label World War III in 2000. At that point the band was given an opportunity to leave obscurity of the Polish underground in which they remained for nearly a decade.

KAFIRUN A testament to the destruction of self. Heralding the dawn of illumination, abolishing illusions of false idols and embracing the all encompassing chaos oblivion. A glorification of holy death and the escape from the time in which mankind has been enslaved. Kafirun is the adversarial void consuming cosmic fallacy.

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Hardcopy tickets available at Red Cat Records, Red Cat Records - Hastings & Neptoon Records.

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Hate (Extreme Metal)

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