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Event Archive - O, Come All Ye Faithful: Nicholas Guerreiro (Playwright), Elizabeth Martin (Director), Frankie Mulder (Stage Manager), Pippa Catling (Actor), Brett Hay (Actor), Anna Watts (Actor), Delaney Tesch (Set/Costume Design), Matthew Wilkerson (Light Design), Victoria Simpson (Sound Design), Siena Shepard (ASM), The Bikery (Cakes)

Sun. September 3rd 2017 - Sun. September 3rd 2017 Langham Court Theatre
6:30pm - 8:30pm
$9 Student or Senior / $11 General
Tickets at: Ticket Rocket , Fringe HQ
Presented by: Intrepid Theatre, Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, Bragi Theatre.

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O, Come All Ye Faithful is not about Christmas. Well, it’s a little bit about Christmas. It’s also about a mysterious circular painting, a security guard with an angry streak, a foul-mouthed art aficionado with a fake name, and a Slovenian nihilist on a secret crusade. Or maybe it's really about family, faith, and non-representational art, and the weird bonds that hold people together. Whatever it's about, it features a varied team, from students to great-grandmothers to bakers.
The plot follows two bickering museum guards—one a foul-mouthed art fan, the other jaded fencing champ—who encounter an elderly Slovenian nihilist, played by Pippa Catling. Catling is a community theatre veteran, as well as a mother of ten, grandmother of twenty-six, and great-grandmother of five.
“I knew Mara would be hard to cast since most actors I know are students from UVic or CCPA,” says Nicholas Guerreiro, the playwright and producer, “but Pippa walked into the audition room and charmed the pants off us.”
Another challenge was sourcing the cake called for in the script. Luckily, Bragi Theatre connected with Markus Spodzieja, the proprietor of new mobile bakery The Bikery. “Markus and I acted together at UVic” says Guerreiro. “It seemed like a great way to help him publicize his business.”
O, Come All Ye Faithful is being produced by Bragi Theatre, a new company with one show under its belt: an adaptation of the Times Colonist So You Think You Can Write-winning story Rural Ravaillac in the local SKAMpede festival. “A one-man piece was a great place to start,” says Guerreiro, “but I wanted to work with more of the great artists I met at UVic, like our director Elizabeth Martin or our production designer Delaney Tesch."

-Aug 25 at 9:15, 26 at 12:45; 27 at 6:30, 28 at 8:15, 29 at 9:00, & Sep 3 at 6:30

-Warning: Extensive and Elaborate Coarse Language


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