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Event Archive - ALL-AGES THRASHORAMA!!!!: Hit Me Back, Chuck Norris, Bury What's Dead, I SAY NO

Mon. November 22nd 2004 - Mon. November 22nd 2004 the fifty fifty arts collective (All Ages)
Presented by: Bruticus Productions
Hit Me Back, the spazziest fast thrash imaginable from Los Angeles!
Chuck Norris, crazy crusty hardcore from Vancouver!
MORE MORE MORE TO COME! Don't let going to the benefit on Saturday stop you from coming to see these kick-ass bands!!!!!


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Hit Me Back (Thrash Hardcore)

Maniacal spazzy thrash from LA! more info

Chuck Norris (punk as fuck)

the punkest band to ever grace the stages of the lower mainland. 100 percent all ages d.i.y. IDIOTS more info

Bury What's Dead (Dark Fantasycore)

Death to the kingdom of man. Armed with "minimalist melodic hardcore" we shall behead the patriarch, disembowel him with his own sceptre and leave his festering remains strung about the land as warning to all those who would dominate or destroy the natural world. more info

I SAY NO (punkers)

A Sound you thought left back in the late 70's, early 80's, returns with, "I Say No", bringing the same filth, energy, rebelant attitude. the only difference, we are not as political. Straight up fun, oldschool punk rock. more info