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Fri. July 27th 2012 Hush (No Minors)
10pm - 2am doors at 10pm
Presented by: Hush

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Music: Electronic / DJ
The legendary DJ CZECH! Don't miss this show. The man is a riot. From Break Beats and Funk to Speed Garage and even a dusty 45 he's bound to make you bounce HARD!

Futuristic Funk Records / Hi Karate / Prague

It’s a standard formula for world domination and DJ Czech is sticking to it well.

First, control you own neighborhood, Czech’s initial step into the Canadian underground scene was introducing “Soul Kitchen” to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada’s top ski and snowboard destination. That was 1989, Whistler has grown to one of the top sports destinations in the world and Soul Kitchen is still cooking up beats, making it the longest-running club night in Western Canada.
Next, Czech infiltrated the thriving new music scene in Vancouver, BC, and his unique flavour of breaks, turntablism, and comic personality earned him legendary residencies at all of the city’s hottest nightclubs and helped establish VanCity’s reputation for up front electronic music. Meanwhile Czech had ensured himself household name status on the West Coast, particularly amongst breaks lovers.

Third step- the world. Somehow balancing his residencies with a ridiculous touring schedule Czech has been turning out prestigious clubs and massive raves every single weekend for the last 15 years. He’s carted his records throughout Europe, North America and Asia and headlined alongside premier acts such as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Parliment,Orbital, Crystal Method, De La Soul ,Rabbit in the Moon, Porno for Pyros, and countless world renowned Dj’s.

And to round it off, Czech has been writing and producing his own tracks since WHEN?__, continuously building his studio and releasing music on “Futuristic Funk Records,” which he co-owns and uses to proudly showcase other Canadian talent as well as his own material.
These days Czech primarily spins Break Beats with touch of Electro but he has been known to drop all old-school 45 funk sets out of the blue and pepper them with some down-home mid tempo breaks, just to make sure you’re paying attention.

What I like most about Czech is not his unrivalled history on the scene, his numerous key accomplishments, or his worldwide appeal. I like him because sometimes when you go visit him in the club, he’ll toss on a looped record of the Joker laughing, just laughter no music, and light a cigarette and talk to you about whatever pops into his head until the dance floor starts throwing ice, glasses, and insults at him, demanding more beats. After a minute or two, usually when the audience is at a near-frenzy levels and the cigarette is getting down, Czech will thank you for dropping in, order you a drink, and get back to work.

D-Blok Studios / Union Sound / Victoria

Ben Chemikal (real name Ben Hodding), was born and raised in Duncan BC, and constantly surrounded by music from a young age. After several years of piano lessons, he went on to play guitar, drums, and any other instrument that was just.. lying around. It wasn't long until Ben found himself amongst a vancouver island rave (thanks to childhood friend and now notorious party starter Jamie Gib) and saw some Electronic DJing first hand. That was all it took to get him hooked on the idea of collecting his own vinyl records, and perfecting the art of the mix. Buying up Nuskool breakbeats and Drum and Bass at first, it was several months before he got into Speed Garage, 4x4, and 2 Step, which remain to be the cornerstone of his sound. Being a big dubstep fan, it didn't take long for Ben to blend his subby speed garage with his growing collection of dubstep vinyl. Shortly after that, Ben's two sounds came to a meeting point in his first cracks at music production, and after tons of bootleg remixes and originals (and a good couple years glued to his PC), got signed to Bassment Projex, FX Logiks digital bassline lable, as well as Nu Industry Recordings, both in late 2008. He'll frequently broaden his style in his live sets to include Bass Heavy, Glitchy Mid-Tempo Breaks (i know right?) guaranteeing his listeners a plethora of soundscapes, original tracks, live mash ups.... and a heaping good time.


A small, fast, carnivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period that was about 2 meters in length. It had long curved claws for grasping and tearing at prey, walked on two legs that were adapted for leaping, and had a long stiff tail used as a counterweight. This particular raptor developed the ability to shred the dance floor with a clever blend of Nu-Disco, Electro, House, and Breakbeats. Though way ahead of his time, it was to his advantage that one day several scientists discovered time travel. During an early expedition, these scientists warped back to the Cretaceous period and returned to the present with a cryo-frozen VLCRPTR! During the thaw however, they came victim to his terrible claws and he escaped, only to find that he was now in an age where people loved to dance! He decided to give up attacking the strange humanoids and stepped behind the decks to unleash his raptor madness, much to everyones delight!


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