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Event Archive - The Labyrinth Experience: Virtual Light, Blue Lunar Monkey, Sasquatch, Florian, Cloud Dancer

Sat. May 19th 2012 Sunset Labs (All Ages)
10:00 PM - 05:30 AM doors at 10:00 PM
Tickets at: The Gate,
Presented by: The Labyrinth, Sunset Labs

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Music: Electronic / DJ
Sunset Labs & The Labyrinth Proudly Present!

an immersive environment of art, music & dance!

We are sooo excited about this new series. Our nomadic crew of decor magicians will be back again right before the show to AGAIN transform the room into a whole new world! Our first nights have been stunning, largely because of all the beautiful people that came - please join us again and help make Labyrinth a place you WANT to get lost in!

Anyone who has been to Shambhala knows that the Labyrinth is sacred. From the moment of the collaborative opening ceremony to the depths of a driving Sunday night the space is charged with such beauty, colour & intention that it has long stood out amongst west coast festival dance experiences. For many, amidst the invited chaos of a major festival like Shambhala, the Lab is a home away from home and a sanctum for the spirit & the body, not to mention home to some of the most brilliant trance, psy trance, worldbeat & progressive artists anywhere to be found.

Sunset & The Labyrinth have in common a shared intention to create magical dance experiences, build community through music, and celebrate the artistic side of our culture. It is within these shared intentions that have partnered up to bring you The Labyrinth Experience, a high-production microcosm of that energy & creation the Lab is so known for!

Sunset Room is now one of the official global tour stops for the huge list of world-class artists that Labyrinth works with and creates residencies for worldwide! We've been told to expect a diversity & sophistication of music rarely encountered outside of a major festival.

Our night features live art, local artisans & vendors, fire spinning & hooping, blacklight magic, epic visuals, face & bodypainting and some of the most amazing trance, psytrance, worldbeat and progressive you could hope for.

Welcome to The Labyrinth Experience!


VIRTUAL LIGHT :: Zero One Records, Prism Code | Montreal
Virtual Light is based in Montreal, Canada. He Is a relentless dj, party promoter, graphic/clothes designer and a world class top shelf psy-producer as well. His Dj set have been known to send dance floors to other planets and back and his unique style of uplifting full on psychedelic trance is nothing short of amazing! His first artists release was in 2006 on legendary VA compilation “PSYCHIC CHAKRA”. Since then he’s had over 20 more popular releases on some of the most well known labels in psytrance including Nano, Kagdilla, Psytropic, Goa Rec, Digital Drugs, Hearts Eye Rec and the Geomagnetic label family. Look for many more hit releases coming soon! Virtual Light has a successful side project with Random entitled “Random Light” that also has a full album coming soon.

BLUE LUNAR MONKEY :: Labyrinth Experience, Maia Records Mexico
Daniel started to play keyboards and guitar at the age of 13 and became part of the band Naranja Mecanica, wich was the first mexican band signed by Universal Music in Mexico and released an LP named Superstrip in 1997. After studying Sitar and Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) in India he started to experiment with trance and ambience in 1998, beside teaching Yoga and Surfing in the beautiful mexican pacific coast. Blue Lunar Monkey is the day Daniel was born on the Mayan calendar, Kin 171. The music of BLM is as magic as the project name: Floating grooves, atmospheric landscapes, divine melodies and universal feelings of Oneness come together in each song and construct a full Rainbow of music and Endless possibilities are combined to a sound candy for those magic moments in life. Each track is made with the best intention, and works on the different Chakras or energy centers through the Spine. With his music Daniel aims to catalyse an internal movement of consciousness and to help realize the amazing beauty of this dream we call reality.

DJ SASQUATCH :: The Lab Experience, Sonic Turtle | Turtle Island |
In the early 90s Sasquatch spent 5 years attending all sorts of underground electronic venues pumping various genres in as many as 30 countries covering 4 continents. In 1993-2000 he learned music production during a series of tours thru India, Thailand, Isreal, and Europe with members of Spiral Tribe, Circus Warp, Invisible Circus and others, which put him on the travelling side of prog & psy trance, with the Ibiza experience as a base to stage all this on. After a few summers of festivals and then a new experience called "pARTy" on Ibiza which showed Sasquatch the power and diversity of the psychadelic sound and the unity of the worldwide trance tribe, he was hooked for life. And now, years later, he has now played alongside Goa Gill, Ott, Infected Mushroom, Sphongle, Pixel, Joti Sidhu, Astrix, Astral Projection, Rapt, DJ Isis, Tycon, Logic Bomb, Tripswitch and more more more. And so to this year! Dj Sasquatch 2012 see's it all true to form - the question is seen him¿¿

also featuring!:

FLORIAN :: Sunset Labs, Audio Planet | Victoria
[tech-funk, crunkstep, glitch-hop]
It was a dance party in an industrial zone of Vancouver that was Florian's introduction to electronica, and he immediately knew he wanted to get involved with the scene. Quickly thereafter he was getting involved in all sorts of events, from indoor shows to multi-day outdoor festivals including Shambhala, In:Vision, Diversity, and Entheos. When Florian was 16, he began investigating the alchemy of beats, basslines and melody -- seeking the transformative quality they hold on a dancefloor with the potential to unify each person into the interactive whole. He's studied the domains of dub, breaks, glitch, trance, and house in all it's forms with great dilligence, and now uses these modules to deliver a potent blend of sonic bliss that draws each individual into the dancefloor experience. Climbing the ranks from partier, to waste management, to harm reduction, to event planning, Florian is now a budding producer, promoter, and manager of Sunset Room - Victoria's only all hours dance venue. Stay tuned for lots more from this committed & growing addition to the BC scene!

CLOUD DANCER :: Rainbow Cathedral, Returning Saturn | Victoria
Having traveled many a strange and varied dancefloor, delving deep into emerging scenes and genres over the course of a decade, Cloud Dancer (Chris Immink) stepped behind the decks for the first time a little over 3 years ago - and magic happened both for him, and for his listeners. Since then Cloud Dancer has formed deep roots within Victoria, aligning himself as core crew with the Rainbow Cathedral and Returning Saturn Productions. Crafting diverse & strategic soundscapes ranging from deep sacred downtempo to full-on psytrance with many ethno-infused tangents, , Cloud Dancer plays what he would dance to. If you haven't already, we expect you'll soon understand why.

Urbanheart Live has been created to support a community of local artists in live visual arts performance. Artists create live artworks of vision and creative energy, while being inspired by music and the awesome vibe of the space. Original paintings, collages and drawings will be on sale at each event.. be prepared to be blown away! Prints of the artists' work, videos and bios can be viewed at now!

In December, the Dream CO store was born, featuring locally produced, hand-crafted festival apparel & incredible objects of art. Dream CO spaces feature a Skills School with circus arts, sound school, visual and tech workshops, recycled sewing classes, dread making workshops, theatrics, Super Heroes Jedi Ninja school and more. When asked to describe Dream CO, Lilith says “The Dream Collective is a global thang, it’s all of you who dream of supporting yourself through your artforms and search for ways to do that… who journey epic distances to rock out to music that transforms you and people who change your life for the better. Burning Man stylez? You bet!”

Fire Dancing Victoria is a collection of fire performers of all genres, including Poi, Staffs, Hula Hoops, Fire Fans, as well as other disciplines. Our membership is well over 100 now with the majority based here in Victoria, and they include many of the local professional performers, as well as new “burnbies”. We also invite and encourage visitors from outside our city to come join us for a burn when they’re in town. The goal of FDV is to provide an opportunity to interact, connect and learn everything fire in a safe, positive, supportive environment. Full safety equipment and safety personnel are provided at all the officially sponsored events and jams. We have recently added a 50watt amplifier to add music to our jam nights. So come out and share your fire with us.

9-10:30pm Cloud Dancer
10:30pm Fire Performance!: Fire Dancing Victoria
10:30-12am Florian
12am Glow Performance: Lushious Entertainment
12-2am Virtual Light
2-4am Blue Lunar Monkey
4-5:30am Sasquatch

hosted in a rather new incarnation of Sunset Room
401 Herald St, Victoria | 9pm-5:30am | 18+ ID required
$20 at the gate or paypal at
no intoxication, no attitudes, no exceptions. PLUR+
all fun, fantasy, friends and frisky frivolity| all night!


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