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Event Archive - the Living Room experience: Lions, Hoola, Dew Drop, Leland River, 5am

Sat. May 12th 2012 Sunset Labs (All Ages)
09:00 PM - 05:30 AM doors at 09:00 PM
Tickets at: The Gate,
Presented by: Sunset Labs, Galactivated Tribational Frequency Oscillator Project

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Music: Electronic / DJ
The Galactivated Tribational Frequency Oscillator Project
& Sunset Labs very proudly present!:

the pride of the beach comes to sunset!

West coast Canada's electronic dance scene is often seen as defined by the world renowned (and these days SOLD OUT) Shambhala Music Festival on the beautiful Salmo River Ranch, in BC's beloved Kootenays. Since 1998 this gathering has provided an annual pilgrimage point for those of us seeking tribe, dance, creation and music from some of the best artists in the underground. Every year this festival pushes the boundaries with it's 5 different stages; the Fractal Forest, the Pagoda, the Labyrinth, the Village and the Living Room. Juxtaposed with the divine natural landscape, these futuristic dance spectacles each feature a different vibe and aesthetic that leave an imprint on everyones Shambhala experience. These stages are a perennial topics of discussion for the scene and everyone has their preferences but - there is only one stage that seems to be loved by all:


The place you go for a myriad of sounds that tickle the good spots with class showcasing deep rootsy, vibrations, cutting edge future crunkadelic bits, downtempo flows, funky dubs and anything else righteous, ire and dope.

And on Saturday, May 12th there opens a portal to this legendary stage as the mastermind's behind the Living Room are being brought to Victoria for an evening/night/morning of rootsy, eclectic sub-frequencies to be blessed in the Sunset Lab. The DJ's are legends in our BC scene and are integral to this stage/festival; many headz will need no more than the names:

Hoola Hoop. Lion S.

These two are a legendary couple in the BC scene; respected for their wicked taste in music and the journeys they take their audiences on. With deep catalogues of music that would make many heads salivate, expect a wide spectrum of sounds that reverberate both the distant lazer-bass glitchy future and the rootsy past. As well as creating the Living Room stage, they have played important roles in the growth of Shambhala as a whole and have been responsible for booking some of the best artists over the years, and have had a huge influence on it's over all vibe.


HOOLA HOOP :: Living Room, Shambhala, The Pride | Nelson BC
When Hoola was gifted Michael Jacksons “Off the Wall” album in 94 and it started a serious life long obsession with acquiring every disco funk record ever made in the world. Also that year he moved to Van city from Nelson to experience the heyday of the “rave” scene and witness the impact that House music had on a culture that was happening on a fairly large scale. Quite soon after tried to teach himself how to make people dance to disco records in 95/96 in Victoria B.C. where DJ’s Koosh, Rennie “Dubnut” Foster, Tyger Dhula, and Wood and the original Boomtown Records crew were holding it down.

Back in Nelson in ’97, with a crafty business plan made by his Mom, Hoola somehow convinced the government and Community Futures to give him a loan to be a DJ because there was only 1 other in town back then. The next year he packed up and moved out east to Halifax to help throw the first full moon outdoor parties and work at Vitamin Tribe Imports record store with then future wife and super DJ Lion-S. Also at the same time headlining Shambhala ’01 with a cassette tape?!? As the decade came to an end Y2K and the end of the world was looming and Hoola, scared to die on the East, ran back to the hills of B.C. just in time to headline 1999 Shambhala ’02 and the 1st yr of the Fractal Forest. By year 2000 he started doing the scheduling for a very unorganized yet undeniably wicked party and by 2001 he took on all the artist bookings with partner Lion-S Holding a 8 yr residency In Nelson at club Avalon that later turned into the Legendary Fluid would turn out to be home for Shambhala all year round and a place for underground music to exist in Nelson for years to come. This is where and when Vitamin Tribe evolved into The Pride and promoting DJs year round came about.

RaSoul, Buck, Garth, Metro Area, Doc Martin, Soul of Man, Adam Freeland, Krafty Kuts , Solomonic Sound, John Howard, Freq Nasty, Mat the Alien, Vinyl Ritchie, Smalltown DJs, Bassnectar, Skream, Glitch Mob and basically everyone from A-Skills to Z-trip have experienced the Kootenay Vibe. Around 2003 till the present The Pride took the reigns of the beach stage at Shambhala, called it the Living Room and gave the party a place to chill the fuck out. A sanctuary for all sounds funky organic deep dubby disco skanky crunky worldly jazzy and downright downtempo ambient chill. Music you’d play in your living room. Get ready for the spirit of the beach - at Sunset Room!


LION-S :: Living Room, Shambhala, The Pride | Nelson BC
artist bio to follow! she is SNEAKY. stay tuned...


With support from!:

DEWDROP :: Shambhala, The Dew Lab, Moon Collective | Victoria
Dewdrop's fascination with cutting edge sound began in the underground electronic dance scene’s of the West Coast of Canada, inspired by events from The Old Nexus Gatherings, Shambhala, and the B.C. festival scene. With over 13 years experience mixing dance music live, organizing events, and running large sound systems, Dew has experienced a large variety of dance floors. Utilizing his sensitivity to emotional atmosphere and groove, DewDrop's sets are a journey carefully guided through many moods and genres depending on the crowd. His music has brought him to various cities and he has performed at a number of large scale stages. He has organized bi-monthly full scale dance events almost constantly since 2003 in western canada. Dew's passion, devotion, and love for the dance music scene will be present for many, many years to come.

LELAND RIIVER :: The Galactivated Tribational Frequency
Oscillator Project, the Living Room intern
Leland Riiiver is a walking a paradox: a shy extrovert, a frenzied paced sloth... a grounded space cadet, a healthy hedonist... a crystalline robotic human, and ultimately an old soul sent from the future! Here to reflect light, to honor truth, embrace freedom of spirit / dance in ode of sacred form, to love this planet that hosts us and to guide himself and friends alike on journeys through cerebral sound-scapes in pursuit of bliss. Expect rich, textured sub-sonic vibrations that will span a wide spectrum of genres: deep bass edm, idm, crunkadelic, psy-dub, psy-step, [good]dubstep, hipglitchtrip-hop, techno, future funk/bass, world-beats, downtempo/ambient vibes - and anything else that flows with Riiiver's distinct motif. Leland worked with the Living Room last year at Shambhala and through hardwork was rewarded with friendships with many who make up the beloved stage; the new Labyrinth Experience series at Sunset Room recently brought the idea of a Living Room Experience to mind and voila! This will be the first of many, many projects that The Galactivated Tribational Frequency Oscillator Project (Leland, Rori + you?) will be involved with in time to come, as well as orchestrate parties, make and distribute clothing, raw food, and art - the GTFO project will be actively showcasing dance and music (renegade stage, yo) at festivals all through out this summer. Bless up, see you on the dance floor!

5AM :: Conneccting Circles | Victoria
With the help of the multi-verse, 5am[aka trypnotik] has collectively co-created a new age addition to the already flourishing art culture here in Victoria - Bringing you monthly shows, out-of-town talent, and big big sound. Anticipate a diverse selection of all-vinyl choons Guaranteed to rattle yer brainz!

Expect an immersive experience complete with a transformed decor, visuals, live art, artisan vendors, superfood/raw-chocolates galore, and:

Live art by Urbanheart
Poetry by Cocokami Wing
Fire Performance by Fire Dance Victoria
Aerial Performances by Cadence Fitness
Dance performance by Goddess duo Satya and Bloomquest
Vendors including KooKooMaMa & Harmony Herbals
+ more tba!

Ease those festival cravings with this nutritious and delicious dose of a key components to one of the world's best electronic music festivals.

9-10:30pm 5am
10:30-midnight Leland Riiver
12-12:15am film screening & acoustic performance
12:15-2am LionS
2-2:15am glow show & fire performance
2:15-4am Hoola Hoop
4-5:30am Dew Drop

hosted at Sunset Room | 401 Herald Street, Victoria
Living Room spirit 9pm-5:30am | $20 | 18+ ID Required
advance tickets via paypal at
or via interac transfer to [email protected]
no intoxication, no attitudes, no exceptions
all vibes, all bounce, all night!

♥ ♥ ♥


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