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Event Archive - Riptide 3.1: Lilith, ShellB, Lyssa, Briden

Fri. March 16th 2012 Sunset Labs (All Ages)
10:00 PM - 05:30 AM doors at 10:00 PM
$15 ($10 before midnight)
Tickets at: The Gate
Presented by: Sunset Labs

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Music: Electronic / DJ
:: RIPTIDE 2012! vol 3.1 ::.

You know that feeling when you're on a beach and your feet get swept out from under you? That's NOTHING next to this experience. Riptide brings some of the hottest DJs that Victoria has to offer, delivering you the freshest and sexiest sounds in dubstep, electro, breaks and progressive house - giving you more than enough flavours to keep things interesting! Come prepared to ride the tide with a group of like-minded 18+ partiers, who are all ready to get down, if they can just keep their feet under them :)

LILITH :: DreamCO | BC, Los Angeles

Like a month to a candle, Lilith is drawn to the deep, heavy bass freakquencies. She was first noticed in 2004 post-Burning Man at electronic music festivals & outdoor gatherings up & down the West Coast, relentlessly speaker humping well past dawn and usually one of the last to leave the dancefloor. After years of this, event organizers became concerned this might be some kind of uncontrollable heavy bass addiction, especially as Lilith was prone to stating that ‘the bass was her boyfriend cuz it could maintain the all night dirty action…unlike the average man.’ They took steps to rechannel her bassnympho tendencies into more healthy channels: behind the decks. A natural evolution for Lilith as the many years logged on community & pirate radio & a childhood study of a multitude of instruments meant she got seriously into it…and began organizing large scale events in New York, Los Angeles and various BC locations to fuel her need to continually get all bassed up. Currently, Lilith DJs weekly on Cortes Community radio (live on air/streaming globally online) with 2 shows, a daytime funky world fusion electronic/organic element themed radio show & the late night big banging bass show ‘Deep Bass Massage’ as her dark & dirty alterego: The 60 Hertz Rumble.

SHELLB :: Stereoshift Entertainment | Victoria
ShellB presides over the decks like a princess over her court of beloved minions, tossing heavy beats down on the ones and twos. As a longtime DJ of Stereoshift Entertainment, she's known to play breaks, electro, funk, tech house, progressive and many other styles - melded beautifully together and looking hot doing it! Everyone knows that good things come in small packages and ShellB is no exception, though her beats are much bigger than her feets! You can be sure when she puts her feminine touch on the west coast sound of dirty bass you'll be disinclined to leave the dance floor anytime soon.

LYSSA :: Sunset Labs, Goat Crew | Victoria

Alissa is passionate about art, cooking, clothing & costume design, music & dancing. As “Neon Sally,” she spent many sleepless nights dancing all over the interior of BC & under the stars at the Shambhala Music Festival to her favorite DJs. Alissa’s first appearance as DJ “Lyssa” took place in 2005. Having spent 11 years in Mexico, and being fortunate enough to be exposed to Latin culture, she has a strong desire to explore her roots in her musical selections. Depending on what mood we catch her in, hot summer afternoons call for deep sexy Chicago beats and bouncy latin-infused house, and on colder nights, expect anything from dirty deep organic tribal tech to quirky & fun latin tech house. She made Victoria her home in spring 2007. She has had the privilege of performing at summer festivals like Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Entheos Gathering, Uprising Media Festival and Solaris Music Festival. She has been added to Sunset Lab’s roster, and performs at some of the city’s coolest rooms & clubs, like Sunset Room, Hush, & Base Lounge.

BRIDEN :: Stereoshift, Victoria

Briden has been on the decks for about 10 years now, playing clubs, raves, underground venues, and outdoor events. Over the last 7 years, he's fostered the Stereoshift Collective and collaborated to produce a host of exciting events, bringing the best of BCs talent to the decks. The last 2 years on Vancouver island have seen Briden play over 50 shows and take crowds by storm to become a local underground favorite.

Urbanheart Live has been created to support a community of local artists in live visual arts performance. Artists create live artworks of vision and creative energy, while being inspired by music and the awesome vibe of the space. Original paintings, collages and drawings will be on sale at each event.. be prepared to be blown away! Prints of the artists' work, videos and bios can be viewed at


10-12 LILITH
4-5:30 BRIDEN

Sunset Room | 401 Herald Street, Victoria
gates @ 10, rip til morning | 18+ ID req
NEW PRICES: 15 bux (10 before midnight)
no intoxication, no attitudes, no exceptions
all rip, all the time!


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