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Event Archive - Whoa, Grenade presents: Bassline Warfare: Whoa, Grenade

Fri. February 17th 2012 Sunset Labs (All Ages)
10:00 PM - 05:30 AM doors at 10:00 PM
$15 ($10 before midnight)
Tickets at: The Gate
Presented by: Sunset Labs, Whoa, Grenade

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Music: Electronic / DJ
>> the debut of BASSLINE WARFARE!!! <<

Ready for some serious new action? Sunset Labs has partnered with those insane & insanely talented Whoa, Grenade! fellas to bring you something totally new, totally yours, and totally predictably nutty. Whoa, Grenade has titled this new monthly night ‘BASSLINE WARFARE’ and here’s how it works: Essentially, it’s a DJ competition – but with some twists. The format goes like this:

12am-2am Whoa, Grenade!
4am-5:30am WG selection

So first of all, YOU pick who battles – not us. Each month we’ll ask for submissions for who should battle in the headline spot. The two artists with the most votes (LIKES, for now) will be invited to go head to head from 2am-4am. They’ll each play 30 minutes, then they’ll each play 20 minutes, then they’ll each play 10 minutes! Wyatt & Devon will oversee the times and the CROWD decides who wins!

Then, the winners will advance and will go head-to-head in the BASSLINE WARFARE CHAMPIONSHIPS later this year! We’re in the process of collecting some ultra groovy prizes for the winners and we promise they’ll be juicy. That said, the REAL prize here is for us on the dance floor, watching these community-selected DJs duke it out in unpredictable matches of awesomeness. Not to mention 2 hours of Whoa, Grenade right in the middle! Wyatt & Devon will also host, mc & run the night.

Ok, and here’s how the OPENING BATTLE works! Whoever is selected for the HEADLINE battle gets to bring a tag team partner – and those two selected partners battle against each other from 10pm-midnight! Same format – 30/30, 20/20, 10/10 – and then YOU decide who wins! A little competitive? Yes. A little juvenile perhaps? Probably. A truckload of awesome? Hellz ya. Same old same old? No way.

So now it's up to you! Submit your NOMINATIONS & LIKES for who should be in our debut night’s battles!! Thanks for participating.. see you on the battlefield :)

WHOA, GRENADE! :: Audio Planet, Plasmapool | Victoria

In this corner, weighing in at 128bpm, we have '[email protected]' - Producer, Remix-er & Disc Jockey (In the abstract 'Ableton-Era' sort of sense AND the CD's and mixer sense), and in the other corner, bringing to the table 132bpm, we have 'Charles King' – this pro-tools certified god is truly a multi-talent. Formerly of the rock group Maurice he made the switch into the electronic end of music seamlessly, quickly & thoroughly. Together they form 'WHOA, GRENADE!' and already within one studio session their debut original demo has been put out, and they have no plans of stopping there! People are quickly seeing that when they enter a room they better duck for cover, because 'WHOA, GRENADE!' is explosive. They are like a musical Swiss-Army knife, not afraid to fly between Breaks, any genre of House music – Electro, Fidget, Deep, Disco, Funky, Minimal and any other genre they might need to throw down. From their cutting edge live set up and performances which use several MIDI controllers plugged into up to two instances of Ableton Live to their pathetic love affair with the studio and the priceless caffeinated late night memories the studio entails, something will surely come of their romance to please everyone. All that can really be said at this point is “Watch the fuck out.” And really, its true... Watch the f*&$ out.

Urbanheart Live has been created to support a community of local artists in live visual arts performance. Artists create live artworks of vision and creative energy, while being inspired by music and the awesome vibe of the space. Original paintings, collages and drawings will be on sale at each event.. be prepared to be blown away! Prints of the artists' work, videos and bios can be viewed at


12am-2am Whoa, Grenade!
4am-5:30am Zarkonix

hosted at Sunset Room | 401 Herald St, Victoria
16+ | 10pm-5:30am | $10 until midnight! $15 after
no intoxication, no attitudes, no exceptions
all bassline warfare, all audience voting, all night!


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