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Randal Marshall Behm
"junior or jester man"

Unknown - Confirmed: Jun. 1, 2012 (Awaiting Update)
Age: 26 (estimated)

Rock n roll blues, crude rock n roll, bar player from Victoria BC
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals details

Contact Details

Randy jr
250 478-7900

Right to the point

Looking for some band members:

Bass player: Bluesy, has experience and good with song writing, old style feeling sound to make a song have a tight rhythm section with drums, has a good sounding classic bass, if not a loud enough amp, may be needed to buy a louder amp or Marshall stack. I've got a 1974 Gibson EB3 bass to be used if you need something better, will be likely you will use my bass, for image.

Drummer: Has a bluesy beat, has a groove, good with putting the right beat for a songs, able to play on time and keep a tight rhythm with the bass player, has a good sounding kit, able to put up with loud guitar and bass.

Singer: Not many around, looking for a singer that has some balls to belt, wants to preform, being able to get up on stage and make a fool of yourself, goes for the rest of the band mates, if you have a raspy and dirty voice, i'll be more interested, looking for a Paul rogers(from free), a Bon Scott, a Robert plant (not likely), alex Harvey type singer. Do you have balls and can sing?

As for me: Guitar playing, plays lead and rhythm. Influences are Malcolm young, Paul Kossoff, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Zal Cleminson. For bands, AC/DC, FREE, Jimi Hendrix experience ETC, The Sensational Alex Harvey band and a lot of other old blues players and bands. I go for feeling, bin playing for almost 13 years now, 18 years of age. I've been a roadie for a few years, able to load and have no problem setting up stage. Simplicity is needed, simple amps, guitars, drums, a few mics for drums and vocals.

Requirements or expectations, able to play loud, bass player might have to play through a Marshall 100 watt non master volume stack with 4x12 1960bx cabinets, I will play one. This band will write and do covers of songs. Be in for the MUSIC, not money or to get a girlfriend. Simplicity is needed, simple amps, guitars, drums, a few mics for drums and vocals and a black back drop.

*Images and looks for the band will be discussed when band has formed, not a wear your T shirt and shaggy jeans for shows, image will be as important as sound and songs. Not looking into preppy or girly boys to play in the band, if you're a misfit, ugly, have long hair, play good and have the attitude (crude), you will fit in just fine.

Contact info-

Randy or Junior



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Current Projects

L.P.RRyhthm and lead guitar


Listing last updated/confirmed Jun. 1, 2012