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mery xmas
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hard prog rock from Victoria BC
Label: Ear cannal convultions
Available for Shows/Gigs - Confirmed: Oct. 4, 2019 (Awaiting Update)

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doolbfoloop is a band from nowhere. little is known about them because nobody has ever seen them play...if doolbfoloop was an icecream flavor they would be tiger tale..
its rumoured that the singer was killed in a drive by shooting in victoria's lower east side, only to recover from death and write "i got the, shot in the face with a 12 guage drivin by blues".....fame and fortune of course was intintanious, sky rocketing doolbfoloop to number 1 on everyones finger.. and unfotunatly for tham as well they had a "spinal tap like way of killing off their drummers... anyhow, enough about my penis, lets play music and fuck

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mery xmas
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kabersinger,guitarist,song writer,alcoholic, womenizer666
T-bassbassist, alcoholic666
Unlinked Musician666
Status: Available for Shows/Gigs
because your mom said so - Last confirmed Oct. 4, 2019