Civil Disobedience - Funk Vigilante

From the Funk Vigilante album 'Civil Disobedience' available here:

Video by Ghosty
Camera by Dale Baglo and Justin Baglo

"The seven songs on Funk Vigilante's first record, Civil Disobedience, are all winners. From the opening cackle of air raid sirens in the title track to the electronic beat down of "Riot Police," there isn't a dull second of music.

It's like having that bastard child of Parliament-Funkadelic, The Beastie Boys, and Metallica you've always wanted, even if you didn't know you wanted it in the first place."

-Brady Tighe, The Navigator.
Categories: Music Video
In this Video Artist(s) FUNK VIGILANTE, Ghosty Boy, Ghosty
Posted: Jan. 31, 2018
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