Ghosty - War On Drugs (Official Music Video)

Let's end the failed War On Drugs!!

'War on Drugs' is the first single from Ghosty Boy's upcoming debut record "Freaky Be Funky'.

Ghosty Boy is the bass player for Current Swell and the singer of Funk Vigilante, as well as a solo artist and producer.

The video features guest cameos by Jesse Roper, Dirty Deriek (Spaceboots) and Laban Pitman Johnson (The Wolfpack Project).

---War On Drugs---

This one goes out to people across the world who have been unjustly persecuted, victimized or incarcerated by the failed War on Drugs.

The War on Drugs is by all accounts a colossal failure. For decades drug policy has targeted minorities and the lower class.

At it's worst it incarcerates innocent non-violent people, often minorities, and supports America's absurdly corrupt private for-profit prison system that can only be described as modern day slavery.

Our intention is not to glorify or vilify drug use, only to say that drug users are not criminals. They are our friends, families and colleagues.

Stop the racism, stop the oppression!

End the worldwide War on Drugs!

Cinematography by Brandon Godfrey
Produced by Eric Hogg and Ghosty
Directed by Ghosty

---War on Drugs LYRICS---

Said I've been thinking about the way
That the planet spins
And I've been thinking
About this fucked up world we live in

And I've been thinking about them
Locking up all these poor black thugs
And now I'm thinking its time to talk
About the war on drugs

Because the problem is
As it seems to be
Speaking strictly statistically
3 out of 4 drug offenders
Sent to prison are black
Now could you tell me, brother,
What the fuck is up with that?

And about 1 out of 5
Prisoners in the US are drug offenders
And at least half of those arrests
Are pot-smokers

Man I can't believe
They still lock people up
For smoking weed

Now tell me why the fuck
You'd want to throw
A harmless marijuana smoker
Into prison

Man, it's embarrassing
But I guess that's justice
In the land of the free

Because the war on drugs
Ain't nothing but a racket man
It keeps the poor kids poor
And it keeps the black kids down
It keeps the power corrupt
It keeps the pigs good and fat
And while the poor kids go to prison
The upper class is kicking back

We're taking it back now
To 1936
Does anybody remember refer madness?

Now get this:
Apparently weed is the reason
That white women get raped
By Satanic jazz musicians

But if think it's because
People were just stupid

back then
Well the fact is
The propaganda started a trend
That continues now
To this very day
Fear and racism

That's the way that they
Manipulate the public
Toward mass paranoia

Now let's fast forward to that
Special message Nixon signed
Back in 1969

And so the war on drugs was born
And billions of tax dollars blown
The prison population in the states explodes

Set those people free
They ain't criminals

Because the war on drugs
Ain't nothing but a racket man
It keeps the poor kids poor
And it keeps the black kids down
It keeps the power corrupt
It keeps the pigs good and fat
And while the poor kids go to prison
The upper class is kicking back
Just set them free

....awww shit...pass that....pass it right over....

Well it's all over now
Justice has prevailed
It looks like the War on Drugs has failed
Let's be real for a minute, man
What's the score?
Looks like there's more drugs now
Then there ever was before

So let's light that Victory joint up now
Take a hit brother
And pass it around

I said I dedicate the drugs I'm about to do
To the cops and the preachers
And the judges too

To the politicians and the CIA
To the baby boomers with one foot in the grave
Paranoid parents and the teachers too
Heads up, light it up
This blunts for you

-Lyrics by Ghosty-
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In this Video Artist(s) Ghosty

Video Credits

Directed by: Ghosty
Filmed by: Brandon Godfrey
Posted: Jan. 31, 2018

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