Spaceport Union - New Single "White Noise" (full length version)

Released April 11, 2015.
Available for download and purchase on Bandcamp:
& in the UK on Aurovine:

"White Noise" is the first single from the new album, 'Permanent Frequency' by Spaceport Union.


White Noise
(Basterfield, Spence)

Sine waves
Writhing smooth
Change the amplitude
White noise
Churn and hiss
In permanent frequency

Pulse wave synthesize
Phase, decay, subside
White noise
Hiss and scream
In permanent frequency

Sine waves
Writhe and groove
Square waves
Signal cutting through
White noise
Hiss and scream
In permanent frequency
In permanent frequency, yeah...

Produced by Michael Jack
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Ontario


Video: 1080p HD
Categories: Music Video
In this Video Artist(s) Spaceport Union

Video Credits

Produced by: Spaceport Union
Edited by: Adam Basterfield
Edited by: Caroline Spence
Posted: Oct. 9, 2016
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