Blue Bridge Stages Dangerous Romantic Comedy
VICTORIA - The Blue Bridge Theatre company is launching its third season this week with the George Bernard Shaw play 'Arms and the Man'.

Although the comedy has elements of fictional farce and romance -- its stars say they're dealing with very real danger.

Actor Dylan Smith is using a real sword and a real gun. He checks it's chambers before every performance to make sure it's not loaded.

The play is a satirical look at the romanticism of war, and Shaw's first comedic hit. Director Glynis Leyshon says her staging is filled with physical comedy.

The cast also features Victoria raised actor Amanda Lisman who's worked at the Stratford Festival with Christopher Plummer. Smith has performed on Broadway with Kim Catrall.

'Arms and the Man' opens this Thursday at Victoria's McPherson Playhouse and runs through June 17th. You can find full details at

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Posted: Mar. 23, 2016