Eric Bibb "Bookers Guitar" Music Video

ERIC BIBB CHANNELS DELTA GUITAR MASTER BOOKER WHITE TO CRAFT BLUES FOR A NEW ERA Bookers Guitar set for retail on January 26, 2010 The story is as legendary as Robert Johnson at the crossroads, as old as the blues itself. A traveling musician has a chance encounter in the most unlikely of places with something mystical and powerful, and everything changes. Suddenly, everything is up for grabs, and the music already rich and historically resonant takes a whole new direction. So it was for itinerant troubadour Eric Bibb one night in a London hotel after a gig just a few years ago, when he was approached by a fan carrying a guitar case. Inside the case was a relic from the past that made the hair on the back of Bibbs neck stand on end: a 1930s vintage Resophonic National steel-body guitar that had belonged to Delta blues legend Booker White. In a moment that could only be described as intoxicating, Bibb found himself holding Bookers guitar, and catching a brief but revealing glimpse of all the stories locked within it. The encounter inspired a song, and the song became an entire album one that captures the spirit of the original Delta blues of the early 20th century and reinterprets it for a new era. Bookers Guitar is set for release on January 26, 2010, on Telarc International, a division of Concord Music Group.
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Posted: Sep. 16, 2014