The Dave Keen Quartet Make Someone Happy For dog lovers everywhere

The Dave Keen Quartet ( aka DKQ ):
Recorded at our home studio in the fall of 2015.

Tony Genge, Nord organ and Hammond bass pedals.
Andrew Janusson, guitar.
James Birkett, Drums.
Dave Keen, tenor saxophone.
Ron Pugh Recording Engineer.

This track is dedicated to Miles one of the most loving dogs we’ve ever had the privilege of sharing our home with.
Why did I chose “Make Someone Happy”? cos I was always happy to see him and he was always happy to see me..
My wife and I have owned animals, mainly dogs, for most of our married life in Canada. Miles was a rescue dog that we got from the Min Pin Rescue Society back in October of 2004. He was just two years old then. We got Poco at the same time and he was just five years old.
Sadly in December of 2014, Miles was diagnosed with liver cancer. We did everything possible but lost him anyways.
He is sadly missed but will never be forgotten. RIP old friend.
Dedicated to animal lovers, especially dog owners everywhere.
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Posted: Jan. 24, 2016
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