The Dave Keen Quartet live at the MMI For Heavens Sake Music for car guys

The Dave Keen Quartet ( aka DKQ ):

Recorded live at the Malahat Mountain Inn circa 1998 - 2000. Now under new ownership and known as the Malahat Chalet. Great food and beautiful views, a must see if you’re visiting Vancouver Island.

Bill Gobby, guitar:
Don Cox, string bass:
Bobby Brown, percussion:
Dave Keen, tenor saxophone.

I gotta say, that of all the long running ( 1998 -2004 ) gigs the band has ever had over the last 50 odd years ( Really! It’s been that long? How time flys? ). This ranks as one of my favs.
Thank you MMI and John Desbiens..
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Posted: Jan. 24, 2016
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