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The Dave Keen Quartet ( aka the DKQ ):

Recorded live at the Malahat Mountain Inn circa 1998 - 2000. Now under new ownership and known as the Malahat Chalet. Great food and beautiful views, a must see if you’re visiting Vancouver Island.

Tony Genge, Fender Rhodes piano:
Don Cox, string bass:
Bobby Brown, percussion:
Dave Keen tenor saxophone.

Tony Genge and I have been the nucleus of this group for 40 odd years and what a trip it’s been. Thanks mate. It really should be the Tony Genge Dave Keen Quartet but age has its privileges’. At least that’s what they keep telling me????
I can’t begin to tell you guys what a great privilege and a pleasure it was playing with you all during our tenure up at the MMI. Thank you all so much for your continued friendship, support and your musical contributions. That also applies to Bill Gobby guitar, a regular with the band, Joey Smith string bass and Bruce Miekle string bass who both subbed for Don Cox on many an occasion. Thank you all.
I posted this video for all our friends and regulars who used to come up to eat and hear the band during our long tenure at the MMI..
Enjoy and thank you all for your continued friendship and support. I hope it brings back fond memories..
Thanks for watching. dk
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Posted: Jan. 24, 2016
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