Quiver - Gone In The Morning & Fung-Kee Laundry (vinyl)

Images used for this video are taken from photos and scans of my original vinyl copy of Quivers 2nd (and final album) titled 'Gone In The Morning', released in 1972. I've also thrown in a few images taken from their debut LP, both UK and US issues.

The audio is sourced from my vinyl copy utilizing an Oracle Delphi MKIII turntable, an SME45 tone arm, and a Vanden Hull MC-10 MC cartridge.

'Quiver' was originally formed by Tim Renwick and John "Honk" Lodge (bass) who'd formerly been with Junior's Eyes, together with Cal Batchelor. Honk soon departed and the line-up was completed by Pete Thomas (ex-Village), who I believe left the band before the 1st album, eventually being replaced by John "Willie" Wilson (formerly with Cochise).

Quiver's main claim to fame was to play the first set at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, London, supporting The Who. Their albums hadn't really made much impression on the commercial market. So in 1972 all of them (except Batchelor) amalgamated with folk-rock act The Sutherland Brothers with whom they went on to enjoy some success during the 70's.

Tim Renwick and Pete Thomas later played for Bridget St. John. Cal Batchelor later formed '747' and 'Kicks', but both bands were short-lived. Tim Renwick now plays guitar with Pink Floyd on their live tours. Both Bruce and Pete Thomas later joined Elvis Costello's Attractions.
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