R&B Allstars Live! at the Queens Nanaimo, BC - featuring Darryl Burgess Drum Solo - the River.mpg

R&B Allstars from Vancouver featuring Hans Stamer ~ lead vocals - Ken Boychuk ~ hammond B3 - Joani Bye ~ guitar, vocals - John Ellis ~ Guitar, vocals - Alex Michie ~ saxophone - Kirsten Nash ~ saxophone, vocals - John (JP) Pearson ~ tenor & baritone saxophones - Paul Baron ~ trumpet - Colin Weinmaster ~ trombone - Norm Fisher ~ bass - Darryl Burgess - drums

R&B Allstars recorded live off the soundboard at the Queens Hotel downtown Nanaimo BC ... I believe that John Winterton is their regular amazing bass player....I always try to get our good friend Rick Salt to record the Houserockers whenever we play live ... this night we were warming up the R&B Allstars... Rick kept the tape rolling and recorded one of Vancouvers hottest Funk Rock 'N' Bands to play Nanaimo if you were to ask me....So on behalf of our musical friends from Vancouver the R&B Allstars...we hope you enjoy! Thx, Kevin (Bud) Marcy - Houserockers
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Posted: Jan. 25, 2021