Jon Gomm - Dance Of The Last Rhino

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Dedicated to the irresistible groove of Thomas Leeb.

I originally wrote this tune specially for playing in South Africa. South Africans are the human race's custodians of some of the most magnificent, yet vulnerable treasures of the natural world. They didn't ask for this responsibility, but they bear it with strength and patience. It’s almost unbelievable that in 2014 the Rhino is in danger of be hunted to extinction, so people around the world can buy rhino horn to “cure” their baldness or impotence.

Just because a wizened old sage is prescribing grated rhino horn (at $5000 a gram) that doesn't mean it works. In fact, it's made of keratin, and so you could get exactly the same medical benefits for free, just by eating your own hair.

But Dance Of The Last Rhino isn't a sad, mournful piece. It's a wardance. The rhino is a noble, warrior-like animal, and they won't go out without a fight. It starts with the Rhino scraping it's massive hooves in the dirt, preparing to charge.


Tuning: A G C E A C (or B A D F# B D, down a tone)

Played on Wilma (Lowden O12c guitar)
Strings: Newtone Jon Gomm signature, 14-68
Pickups: Fishman Rare Earth Blend system + Carlos Juan SLY
Amp: Trace Acoustic TA200
Pedals: Boss OC-3 Super Octave, Boss RV-5, Boss DD-7

Video directed and edited by Owen Plummer
Audio engineered by Jon Gomm, Produced by Whiskas, and Mastered by Tom Woodhead.
Relevance: Past Performers
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Posted: Sep. 8, 2015