Bad Hoo - Poster Child (Official Lyric Video)

Yes, this means you're encouraged to sing along.
All Super 8 footage shot, processed, and shared by our friend, Zoë Heyn-Jones. Some parts were previously shown as a complete piece entitled Graces (2014). But they're now sutured together and re-assembled to fit with the song's frantic barking and (not so) free lyrical associations.
There’s neither narrative nor stable geography to be found here; it's more of a series of vignettes centred around the mysterious titular figure of the Poster Child (or are there more than one?). That said, the language and imagery converge at key points to emphasize the song’s hard left turns and quirky humour. In the end, the propulsive rhythms, word play, and quick cuts produce an oddly affecting experience of warm nostalgia, uneasy discomfort, and hopeful exhilaration as audience and poster children alike hurtle forward into new futures on a heady trip accompanied by animal companions, domestic objects, and food stuffs.
Cinematography by Zoë Heyn-Jones (...and you should read more about her work here:
With illustrations by Colin Burns (...and check out the lovely merch he's made 4 us here:
Edited/realized by Oswald Scuttlebutt.
And, y'know, this song's by all Bad Hoos. (c) 2019 Cool Ranch Records
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Thank you, Zoë, for your generosity and talents.
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Posted: Jul. 23, 2019