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The Narissa Young Trio @ Hermann
UNTIL Magazine / issue 7: the prequel: Mara G. Szyp, Lena Carpenter, Stephanie Gagne, Marie Metaphor Specht, Roy Green, Haema Sivanesan, Dylan Thomas, Samantha Wood-Gaines, Richard Charter, April Winter, Shawnda Wilson, Chloe da Mata, Jack Dewgrave, Josh Ngenda @ Victoria Arts Council Nov 24 2020 - Jan 27th @ Victoria Arts Council
Wil @ Lucky Bar Oct 16 2021 - Jan 27th @ Lucky Bar
Blue Thursday with Auntie Kate @ Hermann
The Pretzel Logic Orchestra @ Hermann
The Great Songbook Trio Presents: Songs of Love Lost & Found @ Hermann
SWEETPEA LOVES YOU @ 4corners Community Collective Feb 12 2021 - Jan 27th @ 4corners Community Collective
Online Landscape Workshop with Charlie Easton @ Online Feb 23 2021 - Jan 27th @ Online
Study the changing seasons through sketching or watercolour with Nature Sketch Program: Val Lawton, Jen Burgess @ Online Jan 8 2021 - Jan 27th @ Online
NOT GOING TO BUENOS AIRES: Amy Marcus  (artists Victoria BC), Janet Brooks  (artist Victoria BC), Joanne Hewko (artist Victoria BC), Kate Scoones, Trish Shwart, Terry Vatrt (artist Victoria BC) @ Errant ArtSpace Apr 9 2021 - Jan 27th @ Errant ArtSpace
Community Show with Tom Vickery Trio @ Hermann
West My Friend @ Hermann
Rowan Farintosh Quintet @ Hermann
"go on" by Jeffrey Ellom: Jeffrey Ellom @ FLUX MEDIA GALLERY Jan 20 2021 - Jan 27th @ FLUX MEDIA GALLERY
Oliver Swain Presents Hermann
Second Wave: Todd Lambeth @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery Jan 24 2021 - Jan 27th @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery
Community Night: The Tom Vickery Trio @ Hermann
Ron Sexsmith @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall May 13 2021 - Jan 27th @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall
The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum Presents, La Ligue Gourmand: Todd Gronsdahl @ the fifty fifty arts collective Jan 7 2021 - Jan 27th @ the fifty fifty arts collective
Alexo: Bridgette Badowich @ the fifty fifty arts collective Feb 11 2021 - Jan 27th @ the fifty fifty arts collective
The Hard Love Tours @ Victoria Event Centre Mar 18 2021 - Jan 27th @ Victoria Event Centre
Postponed until April 30 Stephen Fearing Solo @ Hermann
Blackstick f. Lloyd Arntzen & Al Pease @ Hermann
Haren Vakil at the Gage Gallery @ Gage Gallery Arts Collective Feb 16 2021 - Jan 27th @ Gage Gallery Arts Collective