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The A Dub's

ROCK AND ROLL from Victoria BC
Unknown - Confirmed: Oct. 4, 2008 (Awaiting Update)

Contact Details

A. Waddington
250 294 8445
Well .. so far it's just me and my brother.. so...We are looking for musicians. Bass, Drums, Lead Guitar.. Rythym guitar, someone else on vocals too would be excelent. this is more of an advertisment.

What i am wanting is punk sound with rock and roll attitude. i'm not looking for anything skilled for now. What i want most of all is some help with lyrics and people who are willing to put in a lot of time and effort to this. I'm available pretty much all the time, days are better for me, but nights are kool too [ i just have to worry about busses]. I want this to be a seriouse project , and i want peopel to try their best no matter waht your feeling, or what type of shitty day yo uhave had, use that energy to fuel your fire. I am a very positive upbeat person and am open to just about anyone, though ultimatly how i want my band to sound is up to me. I am very creative in songs i cover, cause if i fuck up i'm just gonna keep going. I don't want people to worry about if they fuck up either ,i just want them to get the timing right and be able to get a feel for the material. I am open to suggestions and help, though i am gonna work my ass of. I don't want people who won't try... i don't care if you suck , i just expect your best. and if you don't give it, i will make sure i tell you and do what i can to motivate and encourage you, as i would expect the same back.
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Current Lineup

Status: Unknown
Well I'm the lead singer, because well, i write the songs. My brother is promoter/manager. Were pretty much available all the time.. he's going to school, i'm trying to kick start hobby. I do vocals. Punk sounding apparently. Umm yeah.. i prefer rock and roll music though. I car about my music, i want some outsider input with what might work and what might now. what doesn't work and what does. i'm unemployed, which gives me tonns of free time to work on my music. I would work in victoria but i hat owkring with food and retail. - Last confirmed Oct. 4, 2008