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Joshua AkeroydBass, Piano/Keyboards, BassFunk, Jazz, Rock, Blues, etc.
Megan McRae "Meg"Basseverything but pop and country
Ray HammondDrums, Vocals
Johny RottenGuitar, Vocals, Bass, Composition/Songwritingguitar based rock, folk
Elyse LetourneauVocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano/KeyboardsPunk, Hard Rock, Metal, and Jazz. Mix it up, baby
Ben McEvoyGuitar, Vocals, CelloAcoustic Funk/Folk/Rock (DMB?)
Willem Weiss "Will"Vocals, Guitar, Knobs and Dials, Turntables, Bassy SYNTH, jaw harp through processors, hand drumming
feind 138Bass, Vocals, Composition/Songwritingpunk rock
ReeseGuitar, Vocalsacoustic
RayDrumsall styles
Ryan BGuitar, Piano/Keyboards, Vocals, Composition/Songwritingalt/rock
Joel bestGuitar, Basslamb of god,pantera, inflames, style
Daniel Jaymz CollinsGuitar, VocalsAlong the lines of Alice in Chains meets Metallica
Matt BarnardGuitar, Bass, Vocalsfunk, stoner rock
DanielJaymzGuitar, VocalsHeavy rock
SeanDrums, Hand PercussionFunky, ska inspired grooves with my own twist
Christopher ShoustGuitar, Vocals, Bass, Drumswill jam with any style
feid138Bass, Vocals, Composition/Songwritingbass punk rock with a funky twist
Nick ArbowDrums, Guitar
Tzenka DianovaPiano/Keyboardsadvanced classical pianist
Tyler ParkerGuitarmetal (but i'll do anything)
Chris KalbfleischDrumsrock
RonVocals, Composition/Songwriting, ArrangingRock, Country Covers & Original Material
Jenny ClarkVocals, Guitar, Composition/SongwritingSinger / Songwriter

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