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Portable Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Conventional Vacuum Cleaner – Which Is Better?

Do you want to buy the best lightweight vacuum to save time cleaning up and are wondering which one to choose? Currently, there are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market that might confuse you. The article below will compare portable vacuum cleaners and conventional vacuum cleaners so that you have a reasonable choice for yourself and your family!

1. The differences between them

● Principles

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: You can operate it by direct power or rechargeable battery and carry it anywhere you need to use it.


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Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: The machine only works when connected directly to the power source and is not easily carried around.

● Energy sources

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: It works with the battery and electrical power — the battery capacity from 2000 - 2500 mAh.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: It works when connected to an electrical power source.

● Designs

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: It is compact including the body and the suction tube connects into one block. The suction heads such as floor suction heads, slot suction heads, broom suction heads, and so on can be easily disassembled into the body and nozzle. The suction tube is about 1.1 meters long and the wire is about 4 - 5 meters long, but you cannot collapse it into the body.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: You can remove the body, suction tube, and various suction heads such as the floor suction head, slot suction head, and broom head with ease. The length of the suction tube is 1.2 meters and the wire is about 6 - 9 meters long, which you can collapse into the body.

● Scopes of work

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: Cars, tents, table shelves, drawers, and so on.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: You should use it in the large working spaces such as living room, bedroom, office, curtains, and so on.

● Dust container types

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: The dust container capacity is about 0.25 - 0.8 liters.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: A dust bag or a dust container capacity is about 1.1 - 21 liters.

● Weights

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: From 1.8 - 2.5 kilograms

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: From 2.8 - 9 kilograms

︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾ ︾

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● Product lines

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: There are two types of machines: portable vacuum cleaners, either corded or cordless.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: You can divide them into groups by shape like the box vacuum cleaner and standing vacuum cleaner, or you can divide it into the form of dust compartments which are vacuum cleaners with a dust bag or with a dust container.

● Prices

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: Fluctuating from $25 to $250

Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: Fluctuating from $50 to $600

2. What should you choose?

You should choose a handheld vacuum cleaner if you like a convenient, portable, lightweight, and compact design, which you can bring everywhere very easily. It is necessary for working in areas where there is no power source, or the power source is far away from the need to clean; for example, cars, desk shelves, and drawers.

On the other hand, the priority is given to choosing a conventional vacuum cleaner when you need to buy a device for deep cleaning, deodorizing, and maximum allergenic reduction in your home. Due to its large dust chamber, it can limit dust spreading around the room. Also, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner with a large operating capacity if you want to work in an extensive range such as the family living spaces, curtains, ceiling, and so on.

3. Conclusion

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Each of the top vacuum cleaner brands has its advantages, so consumers should consider factors such as needs, preferences, economic conditions, and use circumstances to choose the right product. Our website not only provides information about canister vacuums for you but also assists you in selecting the right product by offering many choices from different brands, with different uses and prices. We hope that you will choose the best products and feel satisfied with our service.

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