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Event Archive - THE BACK TO REFORM SCHOOL ROCK OUT!: The Matadors, Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz, The Switchblade Valentines, Plus Guests

Fri. September 15th 2006 Capital Ballroom (formerly Sugar) (No Minors)
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Ditch Records & Cds,
Presented by: Atomique Productions, Dirty Uncle Zimmer
"Howlin' Hooch" Joel Parkins born 19?? in St.Thomas to midgets, started out in life with some quite serious disadvantages. Joel's mother (Olive Parkins nee O'Shaunessy) stood a mere 4'2" and his father "Butch" Richard Parkins (although sources vary on this particular detail) was 3' 6". Some other deformities he suffered were as follows; he was born with a 6 inch prehensile tail that grew to be 3' in length and had to be removed when Butch was 8 years old due to the boy making lewd gestures with it in School. His ears were cropped in a pointed sort of impish way, his hairline came down on his forehead in a widows peak that extended past his eyebrows to the bridge of his nose.

With physical abnormalities such as these there was no choice for him other than to join the circus. Butch toured with Ringling Bros. for 18 years as 'The Monkey Boy' he met Olive during his time in show business, she was joined Ringling Bros. in what was to be Butch's last year in the circus. Olive was hired for her act which included (but, was not limited to) playing ukulele and flatuating melodies in harmony. The two met, fell in love and then retired from circus life to start a family.

They moved back to Butch's native home in St.Thomas Ontario. The younger Parkins grew up learning to play ukulele and banjo from his mother. Sadly, his father died in a bizarre lawn mowing accident when Hooch was only 4 years old.

Hooch quit school at age 10 and started playing in a raucous skiffle band of geriatric and drunken emphysemics called 'The fuckin' randy boys'

The Bands leader 'Stumpy' Bill Kilbride(1902-1992) on guitar and vocals, Jub Farnshole(1899-1992) on washboard, "Pickle Eye" Pete Stinkhammer(1912-1992) on washtub bass, and 'Baggy (as Hooch was known in those days) the kid' Parkins on tenor banjo.

The band was together for about 12 years until one by one in 1992 every member died of respiratory illnesses.....that is, all but Parkins.

The F.R Boys unfortunately put out only one 45 record, released in 1992; A side 'The Small Ones Can Go Anywhere' and B side 'Show Me Your Nippy Naps'

Hooch took three years off from the music business after the death of The Fuckin' Randy Boys and not much is known about those days. Hooch has referred to those years cryptically as 'the dark days'

The Matadors started in 1995 when Hooch met Former Jivaro Fracus frontman Chris Hart. Both Hart and Parkins had an affinity for rockabilly and old-time country music and decided to form a working band to make money. They then rescued 'Creepin' Jeff Sheppard from a very unfortunate cover band

There are many photos of Hooch from the 'dark days' and more recent photos as well in the archives at The Parkins Foundation, many of which will be posted here.

Not much is known about the personal life of Hooch in recent history. He is though, without a doubt one of the worlds greatest singer/song writer/guitar player/showman of our time.

have a look around at this photographic history of rock and roll's benevolent dictator.... Howlin' Hooch

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