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Event Archive - Brand X Media 4 Year Celebration: Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, Wax Mannequin, Geoff Berner

Thu. June 1st 2006 Logan's Pub (No Minors)
10pm - 1am doors at 9pm
8.00/adv 10.00/door
Presented by: Brand X Media, CFUV
Wax Mannequin:

Once, Chris Adeney made a bronze casting of a book. On the cover he had engraved the words 'Wax Mannequin Display'. The bronze book was held closed by thick steel screws. Chris liked the book because it was good, but it needed words, so he started writing things down. The words he wrote fit themselves with fancy guitar parts. The words and parts turned into songs and Chris began to find little stages around town, and crowds that would come to hear him play.

Wax Mannequin was bred in the Hamilton, Ontario rock scene. Driven by a need to preach his ever more elaborate internal imaginings, Wax honed his style; melding curious electronic twitterings, spidery, finger-picked classical guitar airs, and careful, impassioned vocals. Like a lost collaboration between Nick Drake and Edward Gorey, or the ghost of Freddie Mercury channeled by Crispin Glover, Wax's music soon grew in scope to combine grandiose, pop-melodic sensibilities with things abstract and experimental.
Encouraged by a growing groundswell of support, Wax began to experiment with his crowds -- interacting with them in dangerous ways. He developed the now infamous 'Jimmy System': a fun social sculpture that lets audience members earn 'Jimmy Points' and 'Super Powers', like the ever coveted 'Moon in the Basemet' ("This super power lets you harness the power of the moon... which will be in your basement"). These points and powers were awarded to people for attending performances, participating in activities and inviting others to join the 'system'. Indeed many did join and as the legend of Wax Mannequin grew, so did his on-stage antics. But being an infamous master of an imaginary cult didn't quench Wax's creative urges. Something was missing. He remembered those steel screws -- that little bronze book; it needed a new chapter. So in 2002 he took to the road, spreading his bizarre yet alluring gospel.
So for the past two years, Wax Mannequin has had little rest, hardening himself on the Canadian and Australian rock circuits. He rides an unforgiving road, battling nature's bold face, suspect equipment and an impending harsh world order. Through these trials of fire and ice, a tough, new Mannequin was born - a genteel, yet hard-as-nails Roadhouse-era Patrick Swayze; an absurd preacher of ridiculous and ominous things. Now, backed by a full band, or as a solo performer [with programmed beats, automated bass and angry electric guitar], Wax showcases his evolving brand of performance art-punk; steeped in suffering and reveling in epic absurdity. In the tradition of Zappa, Tom Waits, Arthur Lee, and other such road-wizened outsiders, Wax Mannequin pushes forward - restless - preparing for some elusive future trial.

This evolution of Wax Mannequin is highlighted by the stylistic differences between his two independently released experimental folk records ['Wax Mannequin' and 'and Gun'] and his acclaimed third, 'The Price': a gritty, absurdist-pop manifesto that sacrifices none of Wax's interest in musical craft and lyrical obliqueness, but wraps such treasures lovingly in glorious, balls-out "rockandroll". The Price has turned ears across Canada and Australia, reaching number nine nationally on !Earshot [Canada campus radio charts] and achieving respectable rotation down under. His music has been heralded by many, including seminal art-rockers The Rheostatics, anarcho-punk legends Mecca Normal, and apocalyptic pop mavens The Arcade Fire among many others. He has shared the stage with everyone cool in Canada, including Controller.Controller, The Organ, Lederhosen Lucil, as well as the aforementioned acts.

Forever onwards, Wax Mannequin will furiously etch new words and chapters into his little bronze book. He strives to fix the breach between the artistry and the showmanship; the McCartney and the Lennon; the brain and the balls. His brand of primordial psych-pop challenges and delights; it poses impossible questions and offers deceptively simple answers; it rocks!

"You cannot talk about Canadian indie rock without talking about Wax Mannequin. It can't happen."
-Julia Caron | Arthur: Trent University | January 2006

"Wax Mannequin formulates a sound landscape full of delirious rock escapades and impassioned anecdotes that seem to escape from the machine that lives in the recesses of his mind, constantly churning out proclamations that are captured on The Price. A prog-rock explosion filled with fantasy and oddity. It is truly genius work."
-Ashleigh Taylor | | April 2005

"Hamilton's Wax Mannequin, aka Chris Adeney, fully intends to rock your world. "
-Nick Flanagan | Now Magazine | February 2005


Hank Pine & Lily Fawn:
Hank Pine and Lily Fawn are a vaudeville-inspired duo from Victoria, British Columbia, whose act is based upon the tragic and hilarious adventures of their comic book series. Like the great acts of old, the music covers many genres, yet all stems from a punk rock ethic, and an appreciation for the delicate art of entertaining.
Hank is a tall, dark, and mysterious figure in goggles and a mask that carries his dead girlfriend around in a garbage bag, plays the cello, keyboards, guitars, ukulele, accordion, drums and whatever else he can get his hands on.

Lily, a half-deer, half-human forest creature, that tap-dances and plays the musical saw, the trumpet, the theremin, the flute, and hits the drums like a six-foot sledgehammer.

This debut double album, "The Road to New Orleans..." serves as a soundtrack to the first two issues of their comic book, and showcases both their adoration of all music forms and manic sense of humour.


With their ego in a headlock and a finger hovering over the "record" button, where practicality is expected moments of beauty are achieved; we will begin and end with MeatDraw.
This is a family of six, armed with re-assembled pop anthems, stark words, and a reputation. MeatDraw’s scene stealing shows, off-the-wall junkyard instruments, and flare for make up are stomping their way into the souls of audiences.

The MeatDraw family is currently recording their debut album with Tolan McNeil (Carolyn Mark) and Myke Hall (Self Righteous Records). A rock solid collection of songs delivered in a first person by prisoners, ghosts, Siamese twins, cannibals, and incestuous elopers.

Through the release of this album, and upcoming national tour, MeatDraw plan to leave a deep and not so subtle mark across the Canadian landscape, giving their audiences music to make out to, Sing with, clap with, and end with MeatDraw.

The band consists of:

Marco Bozenich (brother to Stephan):
- Songwriter/ vocals/ guitar/ banjo
- Played/recorded with: Rant Music/ Hank and Lily

Stephan Bozenich (brother to Marco):
- Vocals/ bass/ baritone/ tin can

Lily Fawn:
- Vocals/ trumpet/ musical saw
- Played/recorded with: Blue Pine, Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, Deer Legs, Carolyn Mark's new Best Friends, David P. Smith, many others)

Sara Hart:
- Vocals/ accordion/ bike-wheel/ violin
- Played/recorded with: Rant Music/ The Gruff/ Hank & Lily/

Will "barricuda" Koltai:
- Vocals/ bass/ trombone
- Played/recorded with Rant Music

Marek Tyler:
- Vocals/ drums
- Played/recorded with: AA Sound System, Carolyn Mark, Howe Gelb, Grant Hart (Husker Du), Mr. Relaxer, Mark Davis, Shyler Jansen, New Meanies, The May Kings, Wilfred 'n' The Grown Men, E.Tea, Fist Full of Pesos among many others.


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Hank Pine & Lily Fawn (A bit of everything. Interactive Live shows!)

Hank Pine & Lily Fawn are a DUET based upon a comic book. New Album - Crank City comes with comic book Electro Pop / Disco / Rock / Hip Hop / Rockabilly more info

Wax Mannequin (Deluxe!)

Wax Mannequin is one man from Hamilton, Ontario who plays guitar and sings and has a pet drum and bass machine. If you go to the concerts, you can get jimmy points, which are very nice to have because you can trade them for superpowers. and who doesn't need superpowers? ----------------------------------- Wax Mannequin's skill as a songsmith and ... more info

Geoff Berner (Klezmer Punk)

Geoff Berner writes peculiar, witty, sometimes heartbreaking songs with way too much insight into human nature. When he sings them, he stands alone on stage, playing his accordion, Estella. The music is a unique mix of folk, punk, and klezmer. The effect can be at times haunting, confrontational, or just absurd. Sometimes all three at the same t... more info
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