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Event Archive - all ages / all day / all noise!: Conure, Grandpa Big Balls, Impact Test Dummy, Gauze Suffocation, Burning Bush, Skrunt Skrunt

Sat. May 29th 2004 Fernwood Community Association (All Ages)
2:30PM - 11:00PM
$3 / $8 / $10
Presented by: PR Martyr, 3rd Annual Festival of Noise!
DIY production house PR Martyr is proud to announce that the third annual Noise! festival will be taking place here in Victoria, B.C., Canada on Saturday, May 29, 2004. The festival is an all day event focussing on (surprise) noise based musics and media and will be featuring the talents of artists from Canada and the US creating sounds ranging from harsh digital noise to dark ambient to crazy performance art to outsider freakout and back again. Decent PA, video projection, merch table and classic video games. This is the real deal.



Conure (Portland, OR)
Sleeping With The Earth (Portland, OR)
Impact Test Dummy (Seattle, WA)
Grandpa Big Balls (Victoria, BC)
Gauze Suffocation (Vancouver, BC)
G42 (Vancouver, BC)
Burning Bush (Nanaimo, BC)
Skrunt Skrunt (Victoria, BC)
Night Ape (Victoria, BC)
Ali Bosworth (Victoria, BC)


"What is Circuit Bending?" documentary by Derek Sajbel
Lovid (video collage)
Recant (3 musical shorts)
Inhalant (live footage)

plus other surprises.

This is an all ages event (though a pub is around the corner for those needing refreshment).

videos start at 2:30PM
music starts at 5:30PM sharp (show over by 11PM)

!!!you snooze you lose!!!

more details / contact info:

tickets can be bought via paypal (email for details)
or at Ditch Records

-- Detailed Description of sounds and images --

:: Sounds

- From the States:

Sleeping With The Earth

Portland based Sleeping With The Earth create slowly progressing, grinding noise ranging from that which is moody and emotional to full on dark industrial soundscapes, all served with great intensity and fervor.


Conure was formed in mid 2000 in Portland as an outlet for Mark Wilson's noisier tendencies. A veteran of performing live, audience members will be treated to harsh ambience created in a musical manner that is always interesting.

Impact Test Dummy

Seattle's Impact Test Dummy return to the festival this year to show off their unique adeptness for creating compelling digital artifacts, crisp tonalities and efficient ambiance.

- From Canada


G42 is a Vancouver based project that improvises using: location recordings, software, acoustic objects and DIY electronics to create soundscapes of a whimsical or sinister nature.

Gauze Suffocation

Power electronics meets dark ambient side project of Vancouver based seminal neo classical / industrial act Funerary Call.

Grandpa Big Balls

Noisy alter ego of beloved Victoria accordion abuser extrordinaire David P. Smith, Granda Big Balls threatens to lay down a blanket of aural mystery and noisy cantankerousness on anyone daring enough to come within whiffing

Burning Bush

Nanaimo's Burning Bush straddle the line between musical performance and performance art depending on their mood and temperment. Jumping around on their trampoline of eclectic electronics can be found anything from crinkly
aliens to skewed Michael Jackson clones.

Night Ape

Influenced by poorly translated Japanese anime and outsider antics, Night Ape mixes up a ridiculous brew of circuit bent toys, creative electronics, electric rake into a 100% demented freakout.

Skrunt Skrunt

Staple of the budding Victoria noise scene, mad computer scientist Skrunt Skrunt wields his self-programmed custom software applications to lay sonic waste to gigs upon gigs of sample data both via algorithmically generated and human initiated interaction.

:: video

"What is Circuit Bending?" documentary by Derek Sajbel

Derek Sajbel's excellent documentary short responds to the question "What is Circuit Bending?" with enough energy and enthusiasm to instigate a wave upon wave of pilgrimages to the thrift stores of the world", crusading for fresh
toys to disassemble. Features interviews with Mike Patton, the father of circuit bending Reed Ghazala and the truly amazing Shinths collective amongst others. This is the Canadian premiere for this film.

Recant - three shorts

Noise progenitor Recant offers up three creepy musical shorts showing a knack for low budget grime and murk.

LoViD - assorted shorts

Experimental flavoured live video mixing meets gritty noise scapes in this collection of noise based slowly evolving video wallpaper. Nice.


Active in the US noise scene, Inhalant offers up a short burst of live footage to represent.


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Skrunt Skrunt (Noise/Ambient)

Interactive Computer Music / Noise. Very program and computer orientated. Mixture of digital and analog. Ranges from Ambient to Noise to percussive industrial sounds Audience participation. more info
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