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Event Archive - (A)nti-Valentines Day Party: Leper, STEGASOROUS BEACH DEFENSE, Mike XVX, *Crust / Metal Vocals Workshop*, 6pm-7pm -- *DIY Flogging workshop* , 6pm -- *POTLUCK*, *4pm-6pm -- *Open Discussion On* *Polyamory* , 2pm-4pm -- *Franklin

Sat. February 14th 2009 Linden House (All Ages)
2pm work6pm potluck, 8pm bands - ?? doors at 2pm
By Donation
Presented by: (CIA) Community In Action
Valentines day sucks! it is a commercial capitalist holiday plagued with bullshit Hetero-normative monogamous-centric coupling. it is based on a christian saints. As if there was not enough reasons to be against Valentines day, the modern commercialism with valentines sales of greeting cards reaching into the millions annually should be the icing on the cake. Even further Valentines is another selfish western/euro-centric distraction mainly for the middle and upper classes to ignore the hardship of those dying around the world from hunger, war, colonization, hate crimes, violence, sickness, and all those that will be in jail away from their loved ones, especially political prisoners like Leonard Peltier, John Graham, Mumia Abu Jamal, Jeff-Free, Josh Harper, as well as the countless other AIM, Black Panthers, PLO, ALF, ELF, SHAC, and other liberation movement members

If you are anti capitalist, polyamorous, a sexual, a slut, queer, or any other so called deviant then come celebrate Anti-Valentines with the Linden House.

*Franklin "the Stimulator" Lopez
internationally-known as the hilarious and foul-mouthed host of "It's
the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine," the world's most
subversive news show.

Franklin reports back from the battleground of the 2008 Republican and
Democratic National
Conventions, where he dodged surveillance, security forces, and
federal cops to document the crackdown on independent journalists.
Open Discussion On Polyamory
"Applying Anarchist Principles to Interpersonal Relationships"
*facilitated by Chase, Alex, Scott and Comrade

DIY Flogging Workshop
How to make 'em, and how to use 'em"
*hosted by strong cottonwoods

Metal / Crust Vocals Workshop
*hosted by Matty R

"Community in Action" is a series of free 'all-day' festivals, comprised of
free workshops, lectures/discussions, arts'n'crafts activities and more!
*All events will be free and open to all ages
donations encouraged and rewarded
*Free food and good music too!

* "The Linden House has been home to local activists since 2002. From
day one, it's original tenants intended for the space to be used in a
communal manner, and it has, for six years and counting. From hosting free
workshops and live shows, to housing travelers and couch surfers, serving as
a kitchen for Food Not Bombs and participating in other food security
initiatives, the Linden House has rooted itself in the local community.

To celebrate the Linden Houses continual community **involvement we are
hosting monthly events centered around sharing space, food, music, skills
and ideas.*


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Leper (diy anarcho hardcore ska crust (creepcore))

We're a 3 peice DIY creepcore band from ontario. released all our cds on our own and made them on our own. diy or fuckin die. Our music is for the people who feel rejected by their own "scene" Punk shouldnt be so exclusive. Stick together and fight the real problems. more info


angry 20 second songs, 5 minute sets. we jumped on a shitload of bills last minute, played some kids basements/living room's on the lower mainland, and played shows more often then we jammed. thrashcore and circle pits. more info

Mike XVX (Folk Punk)

vegan, gluten-free, theft-positive hardcore, sex-positive sxe, professional adventurer/amateur musician, down with the A-squad, feminist, atheist, anti-civ, excellent high five-r, devourer of garlic, bicycle warrior, backyard pool infiltrator, pretty good friend ... more info
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