Hopelessness – Billy Hopeless Interviews Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley

What the hell am I doing here ? I thought I was going to be writing for that other free paper that I really love . Oh well, they got a whole team of great writers already and this rag reminds me a lot of the old Terminal City weekly that I started me so-called career in none- paid journalism with . Anyhoo, for my first assault on all you bored hipsters who are still trying to decide what to do with your image now that Hanson have gone indy whilst attempting to grow beards and the Jonas brothers have made emo a Disney term, I’ve decided to go with something that’s out lasted all of yah ! D>O>A!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, DOA is 30 years old and still Joe remains true after telling us all that something had better change so many years ago . That’s right kiddies , just Like the bumper sticker reads: if yah dont like DOA just dial 1-800 eat shit. And as I don’t like the taste of shit and love DOA I’m always pleased to say :

Hey Shithead its Hopeless !

B.H.: So right off the bat I’m going to ask you the question no one else would be brave or stupid enough to ask.

JOE : And we all know how brave you are ! (both laugh)

B.H. : Well, you got Bob Rock to produce yer new album and I just gots ta know is he going ta make you rich by neutering yer sound like he did with Mettalica and Aerosmith ? Say it aint so, Joe ! Say it aint so !

JOE: No, the album sounds great ! Bob’s a great producer who just makes the band sound the best they and he can . He just said let’s make a great punk rock record, and he was involved with us back in the early days as an assistant producer on the Prisoner/13 and WWIII singles so he knows what D.O.A sounds and should sound like! The album’s big and mean ! Oh, and actually a lot of people have stated their concerns as soon as I said Bob was going to produce it!

B.H. : Wow, there sure are a lot of brave people in this world . Oh, and we all know how delicate and petite D.O.A sounds ! (more laughter) The new album is entitled the Northern Avenger which brings to my mind images of Captain Canuck, Alpha Flight and other Can-comic heroes . Will there be a comic book included or based on this album ?

JOE: No, I actually intentionally stayed away from the whole comic book angle as it’s too easy for it to fuck up and end up looking like a joke . The album’s really darker than that and I think the album cover I’ve chosen gets that across .

B.H.: Speaking of album covers, I’ll quickly play it where it lies and ask you about album covers . Do you pull off any cover songs on this album like do yah guys cover Loverboy’s “D.O.A” or how about Billy Idol’s “Dead On Arrival”?

Joe: No, we covered C.C.R.’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain” as its anti-war connotations really fit with the anti- corporate and anti-war theme of the album and the position of D.O.A . Just like we all know corporations and war go hand and hand the song was a perfect match .
(Part 2 of this interview will appear in the next Skinny) Posted: Sep 19, 2008
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