Bands Seeking Musicians

Bands are listed so that the bands that have updated their status most recently are at the top.

    Groove Diggers (Top 40 rock, pop)
    The Helletones (PsychoRock)
    Kathy! (Pop Funk)
    Price Tag (Rock)
    Redwood Classic Rock Band (Classic Rock 60s - 90s)
    Victoria Rain (Folk/light rock/roots Americana/)
    4 piece band seeks 5th (Contemporary rock covers)
    Screaming Fury (Melodic Classic Metal)
    Impromptu (jazz trio - cool, smooth, and swinging)
    L.I.D. (party til you get your puke on punk)
    Automatic Planet (Rock/Modern Rock/Alternative)
    Saucy Jack
    Sheila Ryan (Celtic Folk)
    Al Wehda Ensemble (Middle Eastern)
    Amortals (New Wave/ electro)
    Mufaro (Zimbabwean Marimba)