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This Could Be A Love Song
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Troy Rayner

Active / Available - Confirmed: Oct. 28, 2020

Folk from Victoria BC
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Composition/Songwriting details

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Troy Rayner

Troy Rayner’s like most of the 27 year old songwriting guitarists you know. Beard? Check. Craft beers? Check. A self deprecating sense of humour? Nah he's alright without that one.

Troys' style of music is simple, he likes his guitar parts complicated, his melodies dynamic, and his lyrics thought provoking. Or it could just be pretty. That'll do too. Troy has a hard time writing bios as he tends to speak quite plainly, and not about himself often. If you could be a well earning musician by sitting at parties or at a fireside making music while people enjoy their lives he would sign up in an instant. That's not to say he isn't an exciting performer though, if he has to be the center of attention he'll make sure your time is well spent and your smiles earned. His honesty and vulnerable way of performing can be more impressive than his music at times, letting his audience understand and relate to him in deeper ways than most artists choose to.

So if folk/blues/swing/country with a hint of traditional irish is your glass of Guiness then Troy may very well be just the artist you've been looking for! Located in Victoria with a trusty Kia you will find him happily roving Vancouver island and beyond for anyone wishing to have a bit of music and a smile in their lives.

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This Could Be A Love Song
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I Will Follow You Into The Dark
In this video: Troy Rayner + Troy Rayner
Posted: Oct. 28, 2020
Listing last updated/confirmed Oct. 28, 2020