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Confirmed: Mar. 9, 2006 (Awaiting Update)
Age: 14 (estimated)

Label: NA
Metal from Victoria BC
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Weedeater and AK47 details

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Playing drums off and on for years. Took up guitar to play riffs and record ideas. Now, I'm semi-decent at writing NON-SHRED metal and fun somewhat humurous punk and experimental weirdo shite. I hate musicians that are WAY too serious or with BIG attitude so if your into yelling at people, go hate your parents. I like and am influenced by: Slipknot,Motograter,Deftones,SOAD,RATM,KillS
witch Engage,Lamb of God,Slayer,White Zombie
Korn,Sevendust and Tool just to name a few from those 'genres'. I listen to a lot of other stuff but this is getting too long and boring.
Oh yeah, I have a "health issue" that occasionally leaves me temporarily useless but it can be worked around depending on the
schedules of others.
I don't care if your 16 or 61, if your cool, open-minded, have a good sense of humor and love music and wanna make some with others(even just to try), then lemme know.

And yeah, I paint my face all the time. If you don't paint yours I'll wait till your sleeping and spraypaint your whole family.

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Listing last updated/confirmed Mar. 9, 2006