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Sunday Jul. 3rd 2016

Tall Tree Music Festival 2016: Mother Mother, Hollerado, Bear Mountain, Smalltown DJs, Adam Marshall, Neighbour, Kytami, bocce avocado, BOUSADA, Zoubi and the Sea, Labs, GARDEN CITY SOUL CLUB, DJ Anger, Matt Rose, Monkey Business, Velvet, Nathan Jonson, Steve Hush, Scotty Stylus, DJ All Good, SmaSha, Solomon Potashnick, OJ, Justin Brave, GI Blunt, DJ Praiz, Ishkan, Ashleigh Eymann, Dan Duvall Browns Mountain Port Renfrew BC (No Minors)
(Multiple Dates) Presented by: Tall Tree Music Festival
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Saturday Feb. 4th 2012

"The Illuminaugi" CD Release Party: Langdon Auger, Georgia Murray, Ishkan, D-Whiz, Spliff Chief, The Lifted CrewCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $10
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Complex, Higher Ground
9:00 - 2:00
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Friday Sep. 18th 2009

Just B, Ishkan, Ashleigh Eymann, Georgia Murray, djdwiz, DJ Degree One, VerseLucky Bar (No Minors) $10 10:00pm - 2:00am
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Thursday Jan. 22nd 2009

'live' In Concert Play Cloths Tour: THE CLIPSE, feat., Ishkan, Scale Breakers , Pocket KingsCapital Ballroom (No Minors)
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Complex, Aspen's, Platinum Lounge, Ticketweb
9 pm - 2 am doors at 9 pm Presented by: eS Footwear and Livestock
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Saturday Aug. 30th 2008

Rifflandia Music Festival: Brother Ali, Verse, Ishkan, Sam Demoe, Just BCapital Ballroom (No Minors)
Tickets at: Lyles Place,
8 pm - 2 am doors at 8 pm Presented by: Atomique Productions
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Wednesday Jul. 23rd 2008

Girl Talk, Bloody Wilma, Ishkan, Dj MurgeCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $15
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Ditch Records & Cds,
9:00 pm Presented by: Atomique Productions
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Thursday May. 24th 2007

THE CLIPSE LIVE @ V-LOUNGE: THE CLIPSE, Just B, Ishkan, MilzV-lounge (No Minors) $35
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Platinum Lounge @ Mayfair Mall,, Red Lion
Presented by: Splash Thursdays
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Saturday Apr. 29th 2006

DJ Murge's Breakdown...Breakthrough CD Release Party: Dj Murge, The Current, Just B, Ishkan, Verse, Ashley Eymann, Georgia Murray @  Victoria Event Centre (No Minors) $10
$10 Advance
Tickets at: Complex, Coastline, Ditch Records & Cds
9:00 - 1:00 doors at 9:00 Presented by: C1RCA, Eclipse Records
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Saturday Sep. 10th 2005

Aceyalone, Bukue One, Ishkan, Just B, Dj MurgeCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $10
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Presented by: Atomique Productions, Degree One
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Saturday Mar. 12th 2005

Moka Only, Ishkan, Just B, Dj MurgeV-lounge (No Minors) $10
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Saturday Nov. 27th 2004

NYC's Latin Hip Hop Kings!: The Beatnuts, Ishkan, Dj Murge, Mikey DangerousCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $24
9:30 PM - 2:00 AM Presented by: Atomique Productions, Degree One
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Wednesday Sep. 15th 2004

Stir Fry Collective, IshkanLucky Bar (No Minors) $4 9:00pm
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Saturday Aug. 21st 2004

MUCH DOES VICTORIA: Ishkan, Meatlocker Seven, Leeroy Stagger, Ghosts of Science, The Fine Options, Armchair CynicsCentennial Square (All Ages) $10
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Presented by: Atomique Productions, Rogers Communications and ICA/TNT
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Friday Jul. 2nd 2004

Insides Out, Ishkan, Jeff Spec, Dj Murge, Sweatshop Union, Moka OnlyBayou Bar (All Ages) $6
Wristband ($6)
5:30pm - 10:00pm Presented by: ICA FolkFest
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Friday Apr. 9th 2004

The Return of the Black Elvis!: Kool Keith, Ishkan, Jeff Spec, DJ SincroLucky Bar (No Minors) $18-$20
9:00pm Presented by: Atomique Productions, Lucky Bar
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Saturday Jan. 17th 2004

An Evening Of Potent Underground Hip Hop With: Insides Out, Ishkan, Jeff Spec, Dj Degree One, DJ Sincro, ...And The $300.00 MC Battle!Steamers Pub (No Minors) $5
9:00 PM - 2:00 AM Presented by: Lil' Lady Vixen
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Tuesday Dec. 2nd 2003

Choclair with special guests: Choclair, Solitaire, DJ Degree One, IshkanElement (No Minors) $12 9:00 pm
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Saturday Nov. 22nd 2003

DEGREE ONE AND DJ ANGER'S BIRFDAY BASH: JERU THE DAMAJA, PREVAIL, EMOTIONZ, Big Sleeps, Jeff Spec, IshkanCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $15
9.00 - 2.00 Presented by: Degree One and Circa
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Monday Mar. 4th 2002

Ishkan, Jeff Spec, U.r. WantedLogan's Pub (No Minors) $7-$8 11:00 pm
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