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Past Shows

Sat. August 9th 2008
Pat's Pub Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Drunk Tank , the madonna bangers, Secondrate Rejects
Sat. May 17th 2008
Station Square Pub Burnaby BC (No Minors)
Pedwell, Secondrate Rejects, City of Envy
Fri. January 25th 2008
The Balmoral Vancouver BC (No Minors)
Hard Rock Fridays! The Dreadnoughts, Secondrate Rejects, InAffinity
Sat. May 26th 2007
Pub 340 Vancouver BC (No Minors)
THEY'RE BACK FOR MORE!!! the POGs, Secondrate Rejects, Break the Chains
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Secondrate Rejects

Punk from Maple Ridge BC
Label: Unsigned
Broken Up - Confirmed: Feb. 25, 2014 (Archived)

Contact Details

Jon Aaron
The Rejects were formed in Jonny's garage early 2002. It started out with Jonny and Rich. They found this little 12 year old drummer by the name of chris, and got Rich's friend Byron to play bass. As time went on Rich and Jonny realized that they needed more out of their drummer and found that in their friend Ben (who is currently drumming for Fred's Fear). Byron was eventually let go from the band and replaced by Jonny's friend Chris. The band stayed as this solid 4 peice for quite awhile untill Ben decided that he could no longer juggle both the Rejects, and Fred's Fear. From that point it seemed like the Rejects were finished untill a saving grace came in the form of Tyler Kingston. The band met Ty at the beach on day, and a few days later Rich saw him playing his gutair at their school. Immediatly Rich swooped up the taleneted young lad, and had him playing with the Rejects in no time. Now the band had Ty on gutair, Chris on bass, Rich on drums, and Jonny still screaming himself blue in the face on the mic. The band stayed this way for a few months, then they finally found that last peice to the puzzle.... a mexican named Willie. His drumming skill, and comedic attitude fit right into the Reject mix, making for an unstopable punk rock power house. Eventually Ty decided to pursue his own solo Project Knowen as Halo Horizon (no defunct) and left the Rejects on good terms. But also leaving the boys with a predicament... No lead Gutair. After trying a few different guys the boys finally found what they were looking for in the likes of a talented young lad knowen simply as "Fuzzy". With is amazing soloing abilities (not to mention a basment to Practice in) the Boys thought they had finally found their final member. Untill disaster struck with the departure of one of the oldest members of the group Chris Reject. Chris was facing several personal problems and decided that is was best for him to leave the band rather than to take it down with him. So the boys played a final show and Chris left (Chris is now doing fine and currently resides in Alberta. He and the Guys still talk). This left the Rejects in a state of dissaray with no bassest for about 3 months. Finally they found a Replacment. Enter Germs... One unbelivably talent Gutair player who the boys coaxed into playing bass. After a few practices at his place (after being kicked out of Fuzzy's Basement due to sound by-law issues) Germs became a full fledged Reject. Thus bringing us to the Present line up wich the Boys are still playing strongly with today.

Real name: Jonathan Aaron
Age: 21
Home town: Maple Ridge
Instrument: Microphone

Real name: Jerime Gestske
Age: 19
Home town: Maple Ridge
Instrument: Bass

Real name: Matthew Roes
Age: 20
Home town: Pitt Meadows
Instument: Lead guitar

RICH "Goat" Gauthier
Real name: Richard Gauthier
Age: 20
Home town: Pitt Meadows
Instument: Guitar/vocals

Real Name: Guillermo Navarro
Age: 19
Home town: Cornavaca, Mexico
Instrument: Drums
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Last Lineup

Jonny AbandonedLead Singer2002-The End
RichRhythm Gutair / Vocals2002-The End
FuzzyLead Gutair2002-The End
GermsBass Gutair2002-The End
WillieDrums2002-The End
Status: Broken Up
- Last confirmed Feb. 25, 2014