Past Shows for Zsolt Sándor

This includes solo shows (as Zsolt Sándor) and shows with the following projects: The Droptones, Chocomo Sound
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Sunday Feb. 13th 2005

Tsunami relief night #10: Adam K, Leeroy Stagger, Zsolt Sándor, Moneyshot TIM, Justin Hewitt, Tom Hooper, Matt JohsonDarcy's Pub (No Minors) $5
$5 Donate
9:00 - 1:00 Presented by: City Wide Tsunami Relief Series
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Thursday Nov. 4th 2004

Jfk & The Conspirators, King Django, Zsolt SándorLucky Bar (No Minors) $10
9:00pm Presented by: Victoria BC Ska and Reggae Society, Hang The DJ
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Turn on the New VI, so I can... Wake You Up Before You Go Go...: Zsolt Sándor, @  New VI Morning Show (All Ages)
How much for cable?
06:30 - 08:30
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Wednesday Oct. 20th 2004

Sweet Sweet Ska: Zsolt Sándor, DeluxeFelicita's Pub (No Minors)
21:30 - 2:00
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Monday Oct. 18th 2004

Adam & Antonia, Matt Franklin, Zsolt SándorDarcy's Pub (No Minors)
21:00 - 1:00
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Sunday Sep. 26th 2004

The Toasters, New Blood Revival, Zsolt SándorGarfinkel's (Whistler) Whistler BC (No Minors) $10-$15 9:00 - 2:00 Presented by: MountainPromo
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Saturday Jul. 17th 2004

Thursday Nov. 6th 2003

Saturday Jul. 19th 2003

VICTORIA'S 4TH ANNUAL SKA FESTIVAL Warm-up!: Esquimalt High Jazz Combo, The Hoodwinks, Zsolt SándorCentennial Square (All Ages)
Free admission
2:30 pm - 3:30pm Presented by: Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival, ENIGMATICA ENTERTAINMENT
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Saturday Sep. 8th 2001

VICTORIA'S 2ND ANNUAL SKA FESTIVAL: New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Easy Big Fella, Two and a Half White Guys, Mad Bomber Society, Kiltlifters, The Bloodwarmers, Chocomo Sound, Victoria FiredancersShip Point (Inner Harbour) (All Ages) $25
$25 advance
Tickets at: Lyles Place, A&B Sound, Ditch Records & Cds
1:30PM - 10pm doors at 1PM Presented by: Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival, ENIGMATICA ENTERTAINMENT
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Saturday Aug. 12th 2000

VICTORIA'S 1ST SKA FESTIVAL (Free afternoon performances): Chris Murray, Monkey Spanker, Chocomo Sound, The Bloodwarmers, Skanky CrackdownMarket Square (All Ages) Free
12:30pm - 4pm doors at 12noon Presented by: Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival
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