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Saturday Jul. 16th 2011

Friday Aug. 28th 2009

ALCOHOLIC WHITE TRASH C.D. RELEASE PARTY: Alcoholic White Trash, junky death squad, The RemanesLogan's Pub (No Minors) $8
8 bux
10 pm doors at 9 pm Presented by: Scumbag productions
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Thursday May. 7th 2009

Victoria's 3rd Pirate Radio Music Festival: The Remanes, Dr Joey Only, Gerald Fitzella, Tres Rhythm, Gail J Harris, Wes Borg, The Pine Family, Jay McLaughlin & Jennifer Louise Taylor @  TAR 99.1FM (All Ages) Free
Tickets at: Tune In!
7.30pm - 1am doors at 7pm Presented by: Temporary Autonomous Radio, TAR 99.1FM
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Saturday Aug. 25th 2007

Fundraiser for the Victoria Anarchist Book fair: The Rebel Spell, The Remanes, Blood Nasty, TBC @  The Sunset Room! (All Ages) $6-$15
$6-$15 Sliding Scale/under 12 is free!
6:30 Presented by: Noise Not Bombs
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Friday Jun. 29th 2007

FIVE YEARS OF THE HOOSEGOW: The Hoosegow, The Remanes, Lesbian Fist MagnetLogan's Pub (No Minors)
9:30 - 1:00 doors at early Presented by: Stranglehold, HILLSIDEWHOREHOUSE
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Tuesday May. 22nd 2007

The Remanes w/Fableway: Fableway, The Remanes @  Victoria Event Centre (All Ages) 8 pm - N/A doors at 7 pm
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Saturday May. 5th 2007

The Remanes, The Pine Family, Gerald Fitzella, The Sea Monkeys, Head High, Chelsea Richardson, Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle, Waves On Monday @  TAR Music Festival 99.1FM (All Ages) $5-$99.1
Just tune-in, 99.1FM on Sat May 5th
3pm - 10pm Presented by: Temporary Autonomous Radio
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Friday Feb. 9th 2007

Smoked Out Brainzzz, The RemanesV-lounge (No Minors) $6
6 bucks
9pm - 11:30pm doors at early
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Wednesday Dec. 6th 2006

"Rock, Rock, Rock, and Roll Market": The Switchblade Valentines, The Remanes, Die PoorLogan's Pub (No Minors) By Donation
By Donation
6pm - 1am doors at 6pm Presented by: Clove And Anchor Entertainment, Side Show Clothing
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Rock Rock Rock n Roll Market: Dj Caligari, The Remanes, The Switchblade ValentinesLogan's Pub (No Minors)
6pm Presented by: Clove And Anchor Entertainment
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Friday Oct. 27th 2006

Halloween Hell Punk Metal Massacure: ISKRA, Leper, The Batnix, The Remanes, D.I.Y.Sunset Labs (All Ages) $1-$20
$7, $6 with costume/ $1 off to first 20p $1 with Veg Food Donation for FNB
6:45 doors at 6:30pm Presented by: Noise Not Bombs
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Thursday Aug. 31st 2006

Absolute Underground Fundraiser: The Remanes, The Beaumonts, Nibbler, BREWTALITYLogan's Pub (No Minors) $6
at the door only.
10 - 1
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Friday Jul. 14th 2006

Island Party: Nibbler, The Remanes, The Beaumonts, 7 Years Late @  Chatham Island (All Ages)
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Friday Dec. 16th 2005

The band they couldn't kill...: Dayglo Abortions, The Remanes, BREACHLucky Bar (No Minors) $10 9:00pm doors at 9:00pm
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Saturday Oct. 29th 2005

Tribal Machine, The Remanes, Nibbler, The Keg Killers, The Beaumonts, Micky Christ @  Ratsnest Studio (All Ages) $3
9:00 pm Presented by: Garry Brainless
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Wednesday Jun. 29th 2005

Coors Light Battle of The Bands: Fableway, FACES of BLACK, The Remanes (No Minors)
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Saturday Oct. 30th 2004

Micky Christ, The Remanes, Nibbler, SUPERTANKERS, The Keg Killers, The Beaumonts, The Shivs, The Shivs @  Ratsnest Studio (All Ages) $4 7:30 - IT ENDS Presented by: BRAINLESS
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Saturday Apr. 3rd 2004

Aging Youth Gang, The Remanes, The FranklinsThe Former Cobalt Vancouver BC (No Minors)
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Saturday Mar. 27th 2004

EMERGENCY BENEFIT SHOW!: Bury What's Dead, The Proles, The RemanesBurnside House (All Ages) $4 8:00 - 11:00 Presented by: Burnside Buddies
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Friday Jan. 23rd 2004

Calling All Punks!: Bloody Hells, SELF INFLICTED, The RemanesLucky Bar (No Minors) $6 9:00pm
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