The Stolen Organ Family Band
Horse Treats (Indie)

It pays to have an open mind in this business of writing about music and putting it to press, especially when you’re grabbing at albums from bands you’ve never heard of. I took to Stolen Organ because the name tickled me, thinking they might be some kind of crazy shit stomping dust kicking fiddle band from the country. Now, this isn’t totally off base. There is definitely some stomping as well as quite a bit of kicking, though it’s shit that’s being kicked and it’s a little too muggy for dust down here on this crazy farm where moonshine and LSD flow from the taps like milk from the mother immaculate.
This Vancouver based country fried crust pop for the slightly off kilter carries shades of Ween and little Sunset Rubdown/Wolf Parade. Between the lines I can smell dirty punk-house kitchens and the faint scent of Afghan hash smoked from a corncob pipe. The recording levels are extra high in some songs and in others the sound just drops away completely. Then there are these moments of beauty where a vocal chorus sweeps you from your feet as beefy guitar riffs sandwich you in with their hot sloppy wetness. Horse Treats is a pretty chunky platter that offers its challenges but gleefully celebrates in its borderline idiot savant-like strangeness.
~Nathan Pike Posted: Apr 8, 2010
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