From Feb 26th to Mar 21st Bison BC toured Europe. They hit eleven different countries in twenty-four days and played a show every night. I’ve heard somewhere that Europeans love metal so I’m sure it was a crazy good time, and did great things for the band. I’m also sure that Dan And (guitarist/vocalist) can map it out for you a lot better than I can.

Denis: How was the tour? Any standout moments or places?

Dan: It was fucking awesome everywhere, the hospitality of people has been over the top...especially in Budapest. The amount of statues of bearded dudes wrestling monsters in Vienna is pretty rad, and we got to climb up the Cologne Cathedral which took about half an hour to get up and down...brutal. It's been a weird mix of punk squats turned massive venues and bizarre Euro dance clubs.

Denis: What's the craziest thing that happened on the tour?

Dan: After our show in Camden a bunch of us went out to the Crobar in Soho, but a couple guys stayed behind to chill out. One of them went to the store for some chow and when he was getting his change back a cracked out prostitute ran up and grabbed his money and shoved it up her cooter. So while we were having a good time getting hammered at a metal bar he spent his evening giving a statement at the cop shop. Bummer. Vagina wallet.

Denis: When you meet fans has the language barrier been tough to break?

Dan: For the most part everyone speaks at least a little bit of English. It hasn't really been a problem until they get hammered and start to slur, at which point ya just gotta smile and nod.

Denis: Tour always brings out the weirdos, and I'm sure it's no different in Europe, have you encountered any real crazies on tour?

Dan: I don't know what it is about London but not only is there a prostitute with 16 pounds jammed up her cunt but we also ran into some old guy that looked, sounded and acted exactly like Dudley Moore in the movie Arthur. He was lurking around the alleys by the club for hours trying to trade us a pile of coke in the palm of his hand for cigarettes. We first ran into him at about 10 pm outside the venue and for some fucking reason he was still in the same block when we got back from the second bar at around 5 am! He kept repeating the same joke over and over too: "Y'know what I like about London? Fahk all!" Well, he sure must have liked that two block radius.

Denis: Apart from the song writing process, tour is the most likely time for a band to get on each other's nerves. Any inner turmoil in the band?

Dan: Nah, it's been all smooth sailing. We're traveling in an apartment on wheels with three other bands so there are plenty of other people (twenty-one in total) to hang out with other than just each other. It's the tours when it's just the four of us that we start to bash heads.

Denis: And now the question everyone has been dying to know the answer to: Did you stash a giant bud in your beard at the airport?

Dan: No fucking way! When you have brown skin and a beard it's nerve wracking enough to have to deal with U.S. customs. I was lucky enough that the guard I dealt with wasn't some piece of shit redneck like we usually get.

Denis: Is your back sore from sleeping on random floors?

Dan: We've all got our own bunks on the bus, so it doesn't actually count as a floor. I've got horrible posture so sleeping on floors actually makes it feel better...I sleep like shit though. It's a trade off, have a good sleep and be a gnarled mess like Mick Mars...or don't sleep much and be only slightly gnarled.

Denis: When can we expect the next show in Vancouver?

Dan: Don't know yet, but hopefully it's soon. We're gonna be back on the road for most of April and May so let's shoot for early summer sometime? Kill, buds. Boosh. Posted: Apr 17, 2009
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